Mental Health Crisis Intensifies: Miskatonic University Research Links COVID-19 to “Reality Beyond the Veil”

Arkham, Massachusetts — In a startling revelation that adds a new dimension to the ongoing mental health crisis, recent findings indicate that mental health spending in the U.S. has surged by over 50% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. While many attribute this increase to the stress and isolation caused by lockdowns, Dr. Madeleine Carter of Miskatonic University’s Department of Medicine offers a more unsettling explanation.

A Reality Beyond Comprehension

Dr. Carter’s groundbreaking research suggests that COVID-19 survivors are more susceptible to the influence of “the reality beyond the veil,” a term often used to describe dimensions and entities that exist outside of human perception. According to Dr. Carter, these individuals are increasingly likely to experience dreams and visions related to the Great Old Ones, cosmic entities that exist outside our realm of existence.

“It’s not just a perception that the world has gone mad; it literally has,” Dr. Carter stated in an exclusive interview. “The pandemic may have played a significant role in this shift in consciousness. We’re not just dealing with a virus; we’re dealing with a catalyst for cosmic awareness.”

The Cultist Connection

Even more disturbing is Dr. Carter’s speculation that COVID-19 may have been engineered by cultists aiming to “infect” the world with visions of the Great Old Ones. “It’s a hypothesis we cannot ignore,” she said. “The alignment of the stars, the sudden emergence of the virus, and the subsequent mental health crisis all point to a possible orchestrated event. The objective? To weaken the veil between our world and the cosmic entities that dwell beyond.”

The Sanity Crisis

As mental health services are stretched thin, the implications of Dr. Carter’s findings are dire. If her theories hold water, the surge in mental health issues is not just a byproduct of social isolation and economic hardship but a symptom of a deeper, more existential crisis. “It would be natural for sanity to wane among the population if they are indeed being influenced by cosmic entities,” Dr. Carter explained. “We may be facing a decline in mental health on an unprecedented scale, one that transcends medical explanation.”

A Call to Action

Miskatonic University is taking these findings seriously and has initiated a multi-disciplinary study involving the Departments of Medicine, Psychology, and Occult Sciences. The aim is to develop new therapeutic approaches that consider not just the psychological but also the “cosmic” factors affecting mental health.

“We’re in uncharted territory,” said Prof. William Darkmoor of Miskatonic University’s Department of Occult Literature, an expert on the arcane. “The Necronomicon and other ancient texts have long warned us of the influence of the Great Old Ones. It’s time we heed those warnings.”

Public Reaction

The public’s reaction to Dr. Carter’s findings has been mixed. While some dismiss her theories as outlandish, others are not so quick to scoff. Reports of strange dreams, inexplicable phenomena, and a general sense of unease have been on the rise, lending credence to the idea that something beyond our understanding is at play.

The Road Ahead

As the world grapples with the ongoing pandemic and its repercussions, the research led by Dr. Carter and her team at Miskatonic University serves as a chilling reminder that the fight against COVID-19 is not just physical but metaphysical. Whether or not the world is ready to accept such a reality remains to be seen.

“Science and mysticism are converging,” Dr. Carter concluded. “We must be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead, both seen and unseen. Ignorance is no longer an option.”

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