Application Submission

Open the Gate to Your Academic Journey

Welcome, aspiring scholars, to the Miskatonic University Application Submission page. This portal is designed to ensure your journey through the admission process is as smooth and uncomplicated as our labyrinthine application procedure allows.

Submit Your Application Online

Use the form below to submit your completed application (see application form here). Ensure you have reviewed your documents thoroughly and cross-referenced the intricate instructions given in our comprehensive application guide.

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Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.

After submission, you will receive a confirmation email detailing your application’s receipt. Please note it may take a fortnight for our team of esoteric scholars to start the review due to the complexity of our bespoke evaluation process.

Submit Your Application via Mail

If you prefer a more traditional route or want to add to the romanticism of arcane academia, you may send your completed application form and any required additional documents via mail. Kindly ensure all forms are filled in the highest standard of legibility.

Miskatonic University
Office of Admissions
456 Miskatonic Avenue
Arkham, MA 01914
United States

For mailed applications, please allow up to four weeks for a confirmation of receipt due to the intricate nature of our mail-sorting process involving owls, carrier pigeons, and the occasional inter-dimensional portal.

Thank you for choosing Miskatonic University as the stepping stone to your future. We look forward to perplexing you further during our evaluation process. Best of luck!

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