Distinguished Faculty

Inspiring Minds, Leading Research

Miskatonic University is home to several academic departments, each a hub of scholarly activity and intellectual exploration. Our professors, students, and research fellows work together, pushing the boundaries of their disciplines and exploring new dimensions of knowledge. Browse through our departments below.

Department of Occult Literature

Dive into the world of arcane texts and forbidden knowledge with an esteemed faculty dedicated to exploring, preserving, and understanding these complex works.

Department of Archaeology

Unearth the secrets of the past with leading archaeologists and researchers, renowned for their groundbreaking fieldwork and innovative methodology.

Department of Classical Languages

Immerse yourself in the world of ancient scripts and languages, guided by scholars who bring to life the civilizations and cultures that shaped history.

Department of Medicine

nvestigate the mysteries of life and death under the mentorship of forward-thinking faculty known for their pioneering research and dedication to medical advancement.

Department of Interdimensional Physics

Explore the edges of our understanding of the universe in a department that combines theoretical physics, cosmology, and a touch of the inexplicable.

Department of Ancient History

Delve into the chronicles of bygone eras, guided by historians passionate about illuminating the past and its profound influence on our present.

Department of Astrobiology

Journey to the stars in our search for extraterrestrial life, guided by faculty committed to unraveling the universe’s greatest mysteries.

Department of Transmundane Art History

Examine art from an unconventional lens, exploring artworks steeped in mystery, magic, and the supernatural with a dedicated and learned faculty.

Department of Cryptobiology

Venture into the study of creatures that dwell in the shadows of mainstream biology. Our faculty are at the forefront of defining and exploring this intriguing field.

Department of Sociopolitical Alchemy

The Department of Sociopolitical Alchemy at Miskatonic University melds ancient wisdom with modern insights to transmute societal challenges into harmonious solutions.

Department of Dreaming Machines & Codecraft

The Department of Sociopolitical Alchemy is the nexus of arcane wisdom and advanced computation, where the boundaries of reality blur with the digital realm.

Department of Alchemy

At the Department of Alchemy, we blend the rigors of modern chemistry with the ancient wisdom of alchemical traditions to explore the hidden mysteries of the universe.

Department of Geosciences

At the Department of Geosciences, we combine cutting-edge geological techniques with age-old earth mysteries to delve deep into the planet’s arcane secrets and unfolding narratives.

Center for Advanced Algebraic Structures and Geometric Realms

Our center is dedicated to the study and advancement of complex algebraic systems and the multifaceted realms of geometry.

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