Research Opportunities

Charting New Paths

Whether you’re a fledgling scholar seeking your initial plunge into the captivating world of research or a seasoned academic in search of new collaborative endeavors, Miskatonic University presents a myriad of research opportunities. Our university prides itself on being a vibrant hub of intellectual inquiry, encouraging research across a diverse range of disciplines.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

At Miskatonic, we firmly believe in fostering a research-oriented mindset from the early stages of academic life. Our Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) gives students the chance to work alongside esteemed faculty members on groundbreaking projects. Whether it’s examining ancient languages, delving into the mysteries of interdimensional physics, or studying the intricacies of arcane history, our undergraduates gain hands-on experience that enriches their academic journeys.

Graduate Research Projects

Our graduate students are key contributors to our dynamic research landscape. Miskatonic offers a variety of research-oriented Master’s and Doctoral programs across multiple disciplines. From the Department of Medicine’s pioneering work in cryptozoological diseases to the Department of Astronomy’s deep investigations into cosmic anomalies, our graduate researchers are consistently at the forefront of academic innovation.

Faculty Collaborations

Miskatonic’s faculty is a diverse and accomplished group of researchers, many of whom are recognized as leading experts in their respective fields. Our collaborative research environment encourages interdepartmental projects, promoting cross-disciplinary innovation. Faculty members often seek to collaborate with colleagues from different disciplines, providing rich opportunities for unique, cutting-edge research.

Research Internships and Externships

Our connections with esteemed institutions around the world open up exciting internship and externship opportunities for our students. These programs allow participants to apply their knowledge in real-world contexts, facilitating a deeper understanding of their chosen fields.

Research Grants and Funding

We are committed to supporting our researchers in their scholarly pursuits. Miskatonic offers several research grants and funding opportunities to help facilitate research projects. From small-scale undergraduate research initiatives to extensive faculty-led projects, we are dedicated to providing the necessary financial support.

At Miskatonic University, we cultivate a rich and diverse research culture that thrives on curiosity, challenge, and collaboration. Embark on your research journey with us and contribute to the expansion of knowledge in your chosen field, pushing the boundaries of what is known and understood.

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