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At Miskatonic University, we understand the importance of a dedicated and capable staff in fostering an environment conducive to academic excellence. The staff members work tirelessly behind the scenes, contributing to the smooth functioning of the university and supporting our mission of delivering superior education. We are proud to recognize their vital role and introduce you to some of our key staff members.

Each member of our staff plays a crucial role in the life of Miskatonic University, supporting the unique experience we offer to our students. We are grateful for their tireless efforts and commitment to excellence.

Harold Barton


At the helm of the academic community at Miskatonic University is Dean Harold Barton. His steadfast leadership has played a vital role in shaping the university’s present-day reputation for academic excellence and innovative research. He works in close collaboration with the faculty, guiding the academic direction of the university, and ensuring its standards and goals align with its historic mission and values.

Alice Pritchard

Office of the Dean

Working alongside Dean Barton is Alice Pritchard, his invaluable assistant. Her astute organizational prowess and intimate understanding of the university’s intricate operations lend themselves to a seamless harmony within the Dean’s office. More than a professional confidante, Alice is a companion in every sense, there to support Dean Barton in the nuanced ballet that is the governance of Miskatonic University.

Margo Williams

Office of the Registrar

Margo Williams oversees the Office of the Registrar, responsible for managing academic records, course registrations, and scheduling. With an unwavering attention to detail, she ensures that every student’s academic journey proceeds without any hitches.

Stanley Houghton

Library Services

As the head of Library Services, Stanley Houghton plays a crucial role in maintaining our vast collections of books, journals, and manuscripts. His dedication to expanding and preserving knowledge is unmatched, ensuring that our library remains a cornerstone of learning.

Agnes Blackwood

Student Housing and Residential Life

Agnes Blackwood manages Student Housing and Residential Life, ensuring every student has a comfortable, secure, and conducive environment to live and study. She is committed to fostering a vibrant, inclusive residential community.

Gregory Mathers

Campus Security

Gregory Mathers, our Head of Campus Security, is responsible for maintaining the safety and security of all students, staff, and faculty on campus. His diligence keeps Miskatonic University a safe space for exploration and growth.

Felicity Parkes

Cafeteria Services

Felicity Parkes manages our Cafeteria Services, ensuring that students and staff have access to nutritious and tasty meals every day. Her team’s efforts contribute significantly to the well-being of the university community.

Terrence Larkin

Facilities and Maintenance

Overseeing Facilities and Maintenance, Terrence Larkin ensures the upkeep of our historic buildings and beautiful campus grounds. His meticulous work helps maintain the university’s iconic aesthetic and functionality.

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