Student Organizations

Building Communities

At Miskatonic University, we believe in fostering a vibrant and engaging campus life beyond the rigors of academic pursuit. Our myriad student organizations are testament to our commitment to this belief. Ranging from student governance to creative outlets and specialized societies, our organizations offer a wealth of opportunities for students to get involved, cultivate leadership skills, and explore personal interests. Join us as we dive into the diverse universe of student organizations that make Miskatonic a lively and dynamic academic community.

At Miskatonic University, there’s always an opportunity to get involved, to lead, to learn, and to make your mark. Find your niche and join the vibrant tapestry of our student organizations today!

Student Government

Miskatonic University Student Assembly (MUSA)

Be a Voice for Your Peers

The MUSA is the official student governance body of Miskatonic University, representing the student voice and advocating for student interests, rights, and welfare. MUSA members collaborate with faculty and administration to shape university policies and enhance the student experience.

Campus Newspaper

The Miskatonic Messenger

Documenting University Life

The Miskatonic Messenger is our student-run newspaper, committed to keeping the university community informed and engaged. Here, student journalists have the opportunity to sharpen their reporting, writing, and editing skills while covering a wide array of topics.

Cultural Societies

Miskatonic Cultural Alliance

Miskatonic Cultural Alliance

Celebrating Global Diversity

The Miskatonic Cultural Alliance consists of numerous cultural societies that celebrate the rich diversity of our student body. These societies host events and activities that promote cross-cultural understanding and global awareness.

Eldritch Cultural Society

Eldritch Cultural Society

Unearth Forgotten Lore

The ECS offers a unique perspective on culture, focusing on ancient, obscure, and often misunderstood civilizations from the annals of history. Members partake in engaging discussions, archaeological expeditions, and shared readings of enigmatic texts, all to foster a deeper understanding of societies touched by the arcane.

Innsmouth Exchange Program

Innsmouth Exchange Program

Engage with the Enigmatic

Through this program, students immerse themselves in the unique culture and folklore of this insular coastal town, fostering ties that echo down deep, timeless waterways. The IEP is more than just a cultural exchange—it’s an invitation to delve into mysteries that swim beneath the surface.

Miskatonic Arcane Research Society (MARS)

Delving into the Unknown

MARS is a unique society devoted to the exploration and understanding of the esoteric, the arcane, and the obscure. The society frequently conducts seminars, discussions, and workshops featuring invited experts and enthusiasts.

Special Interest Clubs

Dunwich Astronomy Club (DAC)

Dunwich Astronomy Club

Uncover the Secrets of the Cosmos

The DAC provides a platform for budding astronomers, amateur cosmologists, and anyone who gazes upward with curiosity. Featuring stargazing trips to the distant hills of Dunwich, exploration of non-Euclidean geometries, and discussions on the mysteries of the cosmos, the DAC offers a unique perspective on the universe and its enigmatic wonders.

Arkham Mysteries Book Club (AMBC)

Arkham Mysteries Book Club

Delve into Arcane Intrigue

Join the AMBC as we explore the labyrinthine alleyways of literary mystery, with a specific focus on arcane, occult, and cosmic horror genres. Our monthly meetings invite lively discourse, critical analysis, and the sharing of insights that might just peel back the veil of the mundane, revealing the unspeakable truths beneath.

Miskatonic Volunteer Corps

Serve, Learn, Grow

The MVC promotes community service and civic engagement among students. This group organizes various outreach and volunteering programs that enable students to give back to the community while developing valuable life skills.

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