Research Facilities

Our Research: State of the Art

Our commitment to groundbreaking research is reflected in our state-of-the-art research facilities. These cutting-edge spaces provide our researchers with the necessary tools to make significant contributions to their fields. They also foster an environment of innovation and curiosity, fueling the groundbreaking discoveries for which Miskatonic University is renowned.

At Miskatonic University, we believe in equipping our researchers with the best tools and facilities. We are deeply committed to providing an environment that fosters curiosity and facilitates groundbreaking discoveries. It’s not just about questioning the known; it’s about daring to venture into the unknown.

Marcus Atwood Physics Laboratory

Equipped with avant-garde technology, the Eldritch Physics Laboratory is a hub for our renowned Interdimensional Physics Initiative. Here, researchers push the boundaries of the known universe, probing the fundamental nature of reality and the mysteries of dimensions unseen.

Wingate Peaslee Behavioral Sciences Lab

Our Randolph Carter Behavioral Sciences Lab provides a unique setting for in-depth exploration into the complexities of human cognition, emotion, and behavior. This facility allows our researchers to delve into the most enigmatic recesses of the mind, aiding in the unraveling of the human psyche.

Arcane Linguistics Lab

The Arcane Linguistics Lab hosts the Ancient Languages Research Initiative. It’s a nexus of linguistic innovation, providing our scholars with the tools necessary to delve into the cryptic languages of antiquity and uncover their influence on our modern modes of communication.

Allen Halsey Cryptobiology Research Center

The Cryptobiology Research Center is the heart of our groundbreaking Cryptobiology Research Initiative. Armed with the latest in biological research technology, this facility allows our researchers to investigate elusive life forms and chart unknown territories in the field of biology.

Henry Armitage Occult Literature Archive

The Occult Literature Archive houses our Arcane Literature Initiative. Stocked with a vast collection of enigmatic texts, this facility is a sanctuary for those daring to explore the hidden meanings and veiled truths within literary works often shrouded in mystery.

Francis Morgan Archaic Artifacts Laboratory

Our Archaic Artifacts Laboratory is dedicated to the examination and preservation of historical artifacts. Its advanced equipment aids in the unveiling of secrets of bygone eras, contributing to our Archaic Artifacts and Cultures Initiative.

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