Global Learning

Connecting Continents

At Miskatonic University, we strive to create not only scholars but global citizens, equipped with a cosmopolitan understanding of the world, its cultures, and its enigmas. Our Global Learning initiative is a testament to this commitment.

A Vast Network of Global Partnerships

Our strong partnerships with prestigious institutions worldwide provide our students with unique opportunities to immerse themselves in different cultures and learning environments. From the ancient libraries of Europe to the remote outposts in the Antarctic, our collaborative endeavors span across diverse geographical locations and academic disciplines.

Enriching Study Abroad Programs

Our study abroad programs offer students the chance to explore unfamiliar territories and understand their chosen fields from unique global perspectives. Students may find themselves exploring ancient crypts in Egypt, researching alchemical manuscripts in Prague, or participating in shamanic rituals in the Amazon.

International Internships

For students seeking practical experience, our international internships provide hands-on learning opportunities in various fields of interest. From working in leading biotech firms specializing in unknown species to assisting in archaeological digs at uncharted sites, these internships broaden students’ horizons and provide unique career prospects.

Cross-Cultural Research Projects

In line with our commitment to interdisciplinary and cross-cultural research, we encourage our students to undertake projects that transcend traditional boundaries. Such projects often involve collaborations with scholars from our partner institutions, facilitating a unique blend of diverse perspectives and methodologies.

Developing a Global Perspective

Our Global Learning initiative aims to cultivate an understanding of global issues and diverse cultures. Through this, we hope to foster open-mindedness, respect for diversity, and a global perspective among our students – crucial traits for anyone venturing into the unknown realms of knowledge that Miskatonic University is renowned for exploring.

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