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Welcome to the Department of Occult Literature, a unique and distinguished faculty at Miskatonic University where we dare to explore beyond the known boundaries of human knowledge. Our department is committed to understanding and preserving arcane texts, and facilitating an environment that breeds intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.

Our Department of Occult Literature offers an unparalleled academic experience, journeying through the depths of obscure texts and mystic lore that hails from across the ages and around the world. Our programs encompass a broad range of topics such as esoteric symbology, ancient rituals, cryptic languages, and more. Here, students are encouraged to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of conventional knowledge.

We invite you to delve into the arcane with us, to challenge the norms, and to unlock the secrets of ancient wisdom buried in cryptic texts. The Department of Occult Literature offers you an academic journey like no other. Will you dare to take the path less traveled?

Prof. Helena Van Dyke

Department Head

Professor Helena Van Dyke is the esteemed Chair of the Department. With a keen interest in the intersection of mysticism and literature, her work often revolves around deciphering ancient texts and translating forgotten languages. Her extensive knowledge and dedication make her a guiding light for both students and fellow faculty members.

Dr. Silas Morgenstern

Senior Lecturer for esoteric texts and symbols

A renowned scholar, Dr. Morgenstern specializes in the interpretation of esoteric texts and symbols. His deep understanding of ancient languages and cultures provides invaluable insights into the hidden wisdom of the past.

Prof. William Darkmoor

Professor of alchemical texts & Hermetic philosophy

An authority on alchemical texts and Hermetic philosophy, Professor Darkmoor is known for his rigorous academic approach to what others often dismiss as mere superstition. His dedication to his field continually inspires his students to delve deeper into their studies.

Dr. Evelyn Bellerose

Research Fellow

Dr. Bellerose is a noted scholar in the field of occult poetics and author of several influential books on the subject. Her research focuses on the exploration of cryptic imagery and symbolism in occult poetry from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Prof. Lionel Grimsby

Professor of occult practices of indigenous cultures

With a strong focus on shadowy folklore and the occult practices of indigenous cultures, Professor Grimsby is a respected figure in the field. His research has taken him to the remote corners of the world, further enriching the department with a wide array of unique perspectives.

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