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The Department of Medicine at Miskatonic University stands as an enduring testament to the human pursuit of understanding the enigmatic nature of life and its mysterious preservation. Our scholars and medical professionals reach far beyond the conventional realms of medical science, tapping into the roots of ancient healing practices, unconventional therapeutics, and explorations into the very essence of life and death. We firmly believe in bridging the gap between science and the arcane, blending medical practice with knowledge that harks back to forgotten eras and practices considered out of the ordinary.

The Department of Medicine at Miskatonic University is much more than a conventional academic division. It’s a unique institution where scientific inquiry meets esoteric wisdom, with the joint goal of understanding and preserving the marvel that is human life. Join us in this extraordinary voyage of medical exploration into uncharted realms.

Dr. Elijah Sterling

Department Head

As Department Chair, Dr. Sterling’s expertise lies in neurology with a unique focus on ancient theories of consciousness. He has spent a lifetime exploring the idea that our brains could be gateways to realities yet unknown. His innovative, albeit unusual, approach to neurology has often brought him to the threshold of new medical discoveries, intertwined with arcane knowledge.

Prof. Samuel Haywood

Professor of medicinal plants

A pioneer in the study of medicinal plants, Prof. Haywood delves into the mysteries of flora used in ancient rituals and ceremonies. He believes that the secrets to many of our modern medical ailments can be found in these forgotten practices. His work is often a fascinating blend of botany, archaeology, and anthropology.

Dr. Amelia Langford

Senior Lecturer for arcane symbols, rituals and  psychiatric methodology

A renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Langford combines traditional psychiatric methods with an in-depth understanding of arcane symbols and rituals, believing that mental health may not be bound merely to our world but could extend to realms unknown. Her classes and sessions often provide students with a refreshing perspective on mental health.

Prof. Oliver Mason

Professor of antique surgical practices

Prof. Mason is a distinguished surgeon with an unusual fascination for antique surgical practices. He believes that historical surgical techniques may have roots in arcane practices that held insights into the human body which modern medicine is yet to fully understand.

Dr. Madeleine Carter

Lecturer for epidemiology

An expert in epidemiology, Dr. Carter’s research transcends contemporary knowledge of diseases and pandemics. She extensively studies ancient accounts of epidemics and the obscure practices used to combat them. Her teachings often challenge students to think beyond conventional methods and explore unconventional possibilities in medical science.

Dr. Helena Pierce

Research Fellow

An expert in genetics, Dr. Pierce studies DNA from a different perspective, delving into the belief of life forces and essence as reflected in our genes. She often theorizes that our DNA might be the repository of ancient, arcane knowledge and could be the key to unlocking the mysteries of our existence.

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