A Glimpse into Madness: Interview with the Sole Survivor of the Yog-Sothoth Incident

In the aftermath of the calamitous event that transpired in California two weeks ago, where an attempt to summon the cosmic entity Azathoth went horribly wrong, the world has been left with a plethora of unanswered questions. The ritual, conducted by a group of cultists, inadvertently summoned the eldritch god Yog-Sothoth, resulting in a scene of apocalyptic devastation. Authorities found only one survivor, a man now known as Marcus M., who has been institutionalized in a high-security mental asylum for his own safety and the safety of others.

Marcus M. is the only living witness to the nightmarish event that led to the disappearance of 73 men and women, presumably pulled into an alternate dimension of eternal pain. His account, though fractured and veiled in cryptic language, offers the only firsthand perspective on what transpired during that fateful ritual.

In an exclusive, and frankly unsettling, interview, we attempted to piece together the enigmatic puzzle that is Marcus M.’s mind. What follows is a labyrinthine journey through a consciousness irrevocably altered by contact with forces beyond human understanding.

Miskatonic News: Marcus, can you tell us what happened on that fateful night?

Marcus M.: Eyes… so many eyes… the sky wept fire… the Key and the Gate… oh, the geometry was all wrong!

Miskatonic News: Geometry? Are you referring to the symbols used in the ritual?

Marcus M.: Symbols? Child’s play! The real geometry is in the folds of reality… where the angles are not angles… where the circles are not circles!

Miskatonic News: What was the purpose of the ritual? Why did you and the other cultists gather?

Marcus M.: Azathoth… the blind idiot god… the center… but we found the edge… the edge where the spheres intersect… and Yog-Sothoth knows the gate!

Miskatonic News: The edge of what? What spheres are you talking about?

Marcus M.: Spheres within spheres, layers upon layers… the cosmic enigma, but each layer is a labyrinth… and each labyrinth is a riddle!

Miskatonic News: Miskatonic University’s Professor Grimsby mentioned that a single mistake in the incantations could have catastrophic consequences. Do you recall any such mistake?

Marcus M.: Words… mere words… but words are angles and angles are keys… we turned the key but opened the wrong door… the syllables twisted… they twisted into tentacles!

Miskatonic News: A wrong door? Was there a specific moment you realized the ritual was going awry?

Marcus M.: The moment? Time is but a spiral… and we were caught in its loop… the door was always wrong, and it was always right!

Miskatonic News: What happened to the other cultists? Where are they now?

Marcus M.: Gone… all gone… into the labyrinth of spheres… eternal pain… but also eternal wisdom… they are with Him now… they see all the angles!

Miskatonic News: Are you saying they’re still alive, in another dimension perhaps?

Marcus M.: Alive? Dead? Such terms are meaningless… they are beyond… beyond the veil, where the angles meet the curves!

Miskatonic News: Do you have any warnings for those who might attempt similar rituals in the future?

Marcus M.: Don’t disturb the water if you can’t fathom the depths… the angles are watching… the spheres are listening… the gate swings both ways!

Miskatonic News: Can you be more specific?

Marcus M.: Specificity is the enemy of understanding… the map is not the territory… the word is not the thing!

Miskatonic News: Lastly, how are you coping? Do you think you’ll ever recover from this experience?

Marcus M.: Recover? You think this is madness? No, this is clarity… a clarity you will never understand… I am beyond the veil now… and the veil is also beyond me!

Miskatonic News: Clarity? In what way has this experience given you clarity?

Marcus M.: Clarity is the abyss…I have seen the unseeable, and now I cannot unsee!

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