Cultists Gather in California Following Discovery of Cosmic Entity

Arkham, Massachusetts – In the wake of yesterday’s groundbreaking discovery by Professor Johann Frankfurter and his team from Miskatonic University’s Department of Interdimensional Physics, cultists have gathered in California, attempting to hasten the arrival of the cosmic entity believed to be the deity Azathoth.

Making use of their allotted time with the James Webb Space Telescope, Professor Frankfurter’s team detected a phenomenon in outer space that closely resembles descriptions of Azathoth, an ancient deity often referred to as the “Nuclear Chaos” or the “Daemon Sultan.” The entity, which is on a collision course with Earth, is not expected to arrive for another 90 million years. However, cultists in California are performing ancient rituals and incantations in an attempt to expedite its arrival.

Professor Lionel Grimsby of Miskatonic University’s Department of Occult Literature strongly discourages any actions designed to summon ancient deities. “If the entity discovered in outer space is indeed the ancient god Azathoth, then we will need every second of those 90 million years in order to prepare for its arrival,” said Professor Grimsby. “Any action which could expedite this event may have terrible and unforeseen consequences.”

Professor Grimsby, an expert in ancient rituals and occult literature, warns that meddling with forces beyond human comprehension could have catastrophic effects. “The cultists’ actions are reckless and dangerous,” he said. “We must respect the natural order of the cosmos and refrain from tampering with forces that we do not fully understand.”

The cultists, who have gathered in an undisclosed location in California, have not responded to requests for comment. Local authorities are monitoring the situation closely.

Miskatonic University continues to study the cosmic phenomenon and its potential implications. Professor Frankfurter’s team is working tirelessly to gather more data and analyze the findings. The university will provide updates as more information becomes available.

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