Department of Interdimensional Physics

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at the Department of Interdimensional Physics

The Department of Interdimensional Physics at Miskatonic University exists on the edge of the conceivable, reaching out to the realm of the fantastic. Our department offers an unparalleled academic pursuit, traversing the known laws of physics to comprehend the mysterious and tantalizing possibilities of alternate dimensions, parallel universes, and the arcane theories that bind them together. The department is a pioneering force in its field, with a faculty that stands at the very nexus of science and the metaphysical, challenging reality as we understand it.

The Department of Interdimensional Physics at Miskatonic University stands at the threshold of a vast, unexplored realm of knowledge. It is a beacon for those daring scholars who dare to look beyond the conventional, seeking the extraordinary within the enigma of existence. Join us as we bend the very fabric of reality, opening doors to dimensions yet undiscovered.

Dr. Nathaniel Harrison

Department Head

As the Department Chair, Dr. Harrison is a visionary who has dedicated his life to exploring the enigmatic possibilities of other dimensions. He seeks to unravel the arcane science that could potentially create pathways between our reality and others, enabling us to traverse the unseen universes that may exist parallel to ours.

Dr. Anastasia Volkov

Research Fellow

Specializing in Quantum Mechanics, Dr. Volkov’s studies have led her to theories that postulate the existence of multiple realities. Her research aims to comprehend these realities and the role quantum entanglement plays in connecting our dimension with others.

Prof. Johann Frankfurter

Professor of the physics of time

An expert in the physics of time, Prof. Frankfurter explores the possibility of time as a malleable, multi-dimensional entity. His research often delves into ancient chronomancy and arcane rituals, blending his understanding of modern physics with forgotten knowledge.

Prof. Gabriel Fischer

Professor of interdimensional travel

Prof. Fischer’s area of expertise lies in studying the possible energy sources that could fuel interdimensional travel. His innovative approaches often draw on forgotten ancient texts, exploring the possibility of energy sources beyond our current understanding.

Dr. Emmeline Parker

Research Fellow

As a leading theoretical physicist, Dr. Parker hypothesizes the existence of interdimensional pathways and wormholes. She contemplates their creation and stabilization, often veering into the study of arcane symbols and structures that hint at advanced, otherworldly understanding of physics.

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