Miskatonic University Unveils Pamela the Unicorn: A Cryptobiological Breakthrough

Arkham, Massachusetts – A groundbreaking discovery in the cryptobiology realms five years ago remained shrouded in secrecy, but today marks the momentous unveiling of Pamela the Unicorn at Miskatonic University’s renowned Allen Halsey Cryptobiology Research Center. A majestic creature with a storied history, Pamela stands as a living testament to the university’s relentless pursuit of the extraordinary.

Dr. Oliver Ramsey of the Department of Cryptobiology led the enigmatic project, offering insights into the captivating genesis of Pamela. “Pamela was conceived through an extraordinary fusion of science and ancient legend,” Dr. Ramsey explained. The cloning facilities at the Allen Halsey Cryptobiology Research Center breathed life into Pamela using DNA extracted from a genuine Unicorn horn, which historians trace back to the Chinese royal court during the Han dynasty.

A Journey Through Time

The Unicorn horn’s journey through time adds an air of mystique to Pamela creation. Having graced the Chinese court for centuries, the horn eventually found its way into the hands of Möngke Khan of the Yuan Dynasty, who gifted the horn to his son Sartaq, ruler of the Golden Horde. Tragedy followed, with rumors surrounding the horn’s strange powers leading to Sartaq’s untimely demise.

The Unicorn horn resurfaced in Georgia during the 19th century, under the stewardship of the aristocratic Bagrationi family. In 1921, renowned explorer Randolph Carter secured the precious artifact for Miskatonic University, mere days before the Russians claimed control of Tiblisi, the capital city where the horn had been held.

A Marvel of Cryptobiological Ingenuity

The DNA within the Unicorn horn was not without its challenges, Dr. Ramsey shared. “Due to some degradation, we filled the gaps with horse DNA, culminating in the creation of Pamela,” he disclosed. At the age of five, Pamela is the epitome of health, thriving as the pride of the Allen Halsey Cryptobiology Research Center.

Pamela is a gentle yet spirited creature, showcasing her unique nature in the laboratory. Startled by sudden movements, she may employ her horn defensively, occasionally causing unforeseen incidents among the scientists. While these incidents have resulted in casualties, it is a relief that none involved tenured staff.

Today, Miskatonic University lifts the veil on Pamela the Unicorn, a testament to the union of science and mythology. As she gallops into the realm of legend and discovery, Pamela will forever be etched into the tapestry of Miskatonic’s enduring legacy.

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