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The Department of Cryptobiology at Miskatonic University is at the crossroads of the known and the unknown, the ordinary and the extraordinary. We delve into the mysteries of life forms that defy conventional understanding, creatures that exist just beyond the edge of established biology. Our esteemed faculty contribute unique perspectives on these elusive organisms, examining the blurred boundaries between reality and myth, biology and the arcane.

Join us in the Department of Cryptobiology at Miskatonic University as we probe into the enigmatic corners of life’s grand tapestry, exploring the creatures that defy conventional biology and dance on the edge of the arcane.

Dr. Maxwell Whitmore

Department Head

An authoritative voice in the field of cryptobiology, Dr. Whitmore leads the department with his profound understanding of elusive species and their cryptic behavior. His work hints at the existence of beings that defy common biological understanding, often shrouded in layers of mystery and folklore.

Prof. Eleanora Sutherland

Professor of aquatic cryptids

Prof. Sutherland focuses on aquatic cryptids, her studies surfacing intriguing findings from the dark depths of the world’s oceans. Her research often ventures into territories where biology merges with the inexplicable, hinting at the existence of creatures beyond our current comprehension.

Dr. Oliver Ramsey

Research Fellow

Dr. Ramsey’s work primarily explores cryptids associated with forest ecosystems. His research tracks through the shadowy thickets of ancient woods, shedding light on creatures that blur the line between the natural world and the realm of legends.

Prof. Virginia Hargreaves

Professor of aerial cryptids

A specialist in aerial cryptids, Prof. Hargreaves ascends beyond conventional biology to explore enigmatic life forms that inhabit the sky. Her work often seems to merge science with mysticism, hinting at the existence of entities that breach the boundaries of known fauna.

Dr. Benedict Ramsey

Research Fellow

Dr. Ramsey’s research spans across the inhospitable realms of deserts and tundra, exploring cryptids that are believed to exist in these extreme environments. His work touches upon the resilience of life in harsh conditions, often suggesting a supernatural endurance at play.

Prof. Maximilian Harper

Professor of subterranean cryptids

Focusing on subterranean cryptids, Prof. Harper delves into the cryptic world beneath our feet. His research unearths evidence of creatures that dwell in the heart of the earth, their existence a fascinating dance between biological reality and ancient myths.

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