Final Revelation

Spotlight: Necronomicon – A Conversation with Prof. Lionel Grimsby

Explore the depths of cosmic horror with Professor Lionel Grimsby's latest interview in our "Spotlight: Necronomicon" series. Delving into Abdul Alhazred's Final Revelation, Grimsby unravels[…]


Is This the Face of the Mythical Nephren-Ka? Miskatonic’s Latest Egyptian Find Sparks Debate

Sensational find near Aswan, Egypt - a mysterious statue that raises questions about the legendary Pharaoh Nephren-Ka. Could this enigmatic figure, buried amidst ancient relics,[…]

Miskatonic University Discovers Hidden Notes of Renowned Researcher Herbert West

Exciting discovery: Miskatonic University uncovers lost notes of esteemed Dr. Herbert West, promising revolutionary advances in medical science. A new chapter in medical research begins!

Ibn Ishaq

Spotlight: Necronomicon – A Conversation with Prof. Isidore Rhodes

In an exclusive interview, Prof. Rhodes delves into the Necronomicon's mysterious chapter "The One Hundredth Name of God." He discusses its intriguing blend of Islamic[…]

Luminescent Plant

Miskatonic University Student Discovers Remarkable Plant with Unearthly Properties

A student's project revives a 140-year-old seedling from Arkham's mysterious past, revealing a plant with astonishing growth and eerie, luminous colors. This discovery opens up[…]

Hell Energy Experiment

Miskatonic University Makes Breakthrough in Clean Energy by Tapping into Hell’s Heat

In a bold move to combat climate change, Miskatonic University researchers have embarked on a revolutionary project. By tapping into the infernal heat of hell,[…]

Preamble to the Necronomicon by Olaus Wormius

Spotlight: Necronomicon – A Conversation with Dr. Eleanor Caldwell

In the first of Miskatonic University's "Spotlight: Necronomicon" series, Dr. Eleanor Caldwell dissects Olaus Wormius’ Latin preface to the enigmatic Necronomicon. Her essay delves into[…]

Antarctic Eye-Creatures

Eerie Eye-Encounter: Antarctic Expedition Reveals a Second Baffling Discovery

Miskatonic University's Antarctic expedition, after previously discovering a peculiar light-absorbing rock formation named 'Vantablack Vestige', has now encountered mysterious single-eyed creatures in the icy waters.[…]

Black image of the unknown rock

Antarctic Expedition Unearths Unprecedented Shade of Black

During a routine geological survey in Antarctica, Miskatonic University researchers uncovered a rock, named the "Vantablack Vestige," exhibiting unprecedented light-absorption properties. This discovery has resulted[…]

Crop circle in Nebraska

Mysteries Multiply: Is the Necronomicon to Blame?

Following the release of the "Necronomicon" by Miskatonic University Press, mysterious events occurred: Providence's children induced a citywide slumber with a tune, black sheep overran[…]

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