Miskatonic University Makes Breakthrough in Clean Energy by Tapping into Hell’s Heat

In a groundbreaking venture, Miskatonic University’s Dr. Beatrice Nyx from the Department of Geosciences and Prof. Gabriel Fischer from the Department of Interdimensional Physics have collaborated to combat climate change by accessing a novel, clean energy source. This innovative energy harnessing method, functioning similarly to geothermal energy, drills not into the Earth’s crust, but directly into hell, utilizing its endless heat for energy generation.

This pioneering experiment, which taps into the infernal depths, has been hailed as a potential game-changer in the quest for sustainable energy solutions. Unlike traditional geothermal energy, which relies on Earth’s natural heat, this method exploits the extreme temperatures of hell to produce clean, limitless energy.

Despite the promise, the project faces significant challenges before it can be brought to market. The energy required to open a portal to hell currently exceeds the energy generated by the experiment. However, initial calculations by Nyx and Fischer suggest that scaling up the operation could reverse this deficit. A portal diameter of approximately 200 yards is projected to be sufficient for the energy output to surpass the input, making the venture viable.

While the concept has excited many within the academic and scientific communities, there have been safety concerns raised by individuals outside the university. Skeptics question the wisdom of opening a portal to hell and the potential risks involved. Addressing these concerns, both Nyx and Fischer assure the public that the energy source is perfectly safe. They emphasize that rigorous safety measures are in place, ensuring that no demonic entities could escape through the portal.

“The energy potential here is immense and could signify a monumental shift in how we approach our energy crisis,” said Dr. Nyx. Prof. Fischer added, “Our safety protocols are robust, designed to eliminate any risk of cross-dimensional breaches. This is a clean, sustainable energy source, and the fears of a demonic incursion are unfounded.” As Miskatonic University continues to lead in innovative research, this latest endeavor places it at the forefront of environmental and energy sciences. With the promise of a clean and inexhaustible energy source, the work of Dr. Nyx and Prof. Fischer could mark a significant milestone in the fight against climate change, heralding a new era of sustainable energy production.

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