Biden, Trump and the Alchemy of Politics: Prof. Julian Dornage on Modern Symbolism

In the hallowed halls of Miskatonic University, where ancient tomes and cutting-edge research converge, we sat down with the enigmatic Professor Julian Dornage. As the leading political analyst and a prominent figure in the Department of Sociopolitical Alchemy, Prof. Dornage offers a unique lens through which to view the tumultuous political landscape of our times. His expertise, rooted in anthropology and political science, delves deep into the alchemical symbols used in modern propaganda and their profound effects on mass psychology. In this candid conversation, we explore the pressing political issues of the day, not just through the lens of conventional analysis, but also through the esoteric and often unsettling perspective of the Great Old Ones.

Professor Julian Dornage

Join us as we journey into a conversation that promises to be as enlightening as it is unsettling, revealing the intricate dance between societal structures, political dynamics, and the ancient forces that may one day claim their dominion over us all.

Miskatonic University Exclusive Interview with Professor Julian Dornage

Miskatonic News: Good afternoon, Professor Dornage. It’s a pleasure to have you with us today. Given your expertise in Sociopolitical Alchemy, we’re eager to delve into the current political landscape. Let’s start with the appointment of David Weiss as a special counsel in the Hunter Biden probe. How do you interpret this move, especially in light of the alchemical symbols used in propaganda?

Prof. Dornage: Ah, the age-old dance of power and perception. The appointment of a special counsel is a tool, much like the Philosopher’s Stone in alchemy. It’s a transformative element, changing the narrative and the public’s perception. The symbols here aren’t just in the form of traditional imagery but in actions and decisions. The choice to appoint Weiss can be seen as an attempt to purify the political landscape, much like how alchemists aimed to purify base metals. There is also symbolism in the name. Weiss is the German word for “white,” traditionally the color of purity. It is no coincidence that a man with this name was chosen.

Miskatonic News: Interesting perspective. And what about former President Donald Trump’s recent outbursts on the campaign trail, especially in light of his legal battles?

Prof. Dornage: Trump, in many ways, embodies the Mercury of our political realm. He’s volatile, ever-changing, and has a certain allure that’s hard to define. His outbursts are a form of chaos magic, invoking strong reactions and feeding off the energy they produce. The Great Old Ones, in their infinite wisdom, remind us that chaos is a natural state of being. Trump’s actions, whether intentional or not, tap into this primordial energy.

Miskatonic News: Speaking of chaos, some House Republicans are pushing for an impeachment inquiry. How do you see this playing out?

Prof. Dornage: Ah, the cyclical nature of revenge and retribution. It’s like the Ouroboros, the snake eating its tail. This push for impeachment is less about justice and more about evening the score. It’s a ritual, a symbolic gesture, invoking the power of past impeachments and hoping to harness their energy. But as with all rituals, the outcome is uncertain. The Great Old Ones watch with amusement as mortals play their games.

Miskatonic News: It’s fascinating how you weave these ancient symbols into modern politics. Now, considering President Biden’s current standing, despite positive economic markers, why do you think his approval ratings remain low?

Prof. Dornage: Symbols and perception are powerful tools. While the tangible markers might be positive, the symbols surrounding Biden, especially with the Hunter Biden situation, cast a shadow. It’s like the Aludel, the vessel used in sublimation processes in alchemy. The contents might be pure, but if the vessel is perceived as tainted, the end product is doubted. The Great Old Ones teach us that perception often outweighs reality.

Miskatonic News: And what of the age factor? How does that play into the alchemical mix of politics?

Prof. Dornage: Age, in alchemical terms, is both a blessing and a curse. It represents wisdom, the accumulation of knowledge, much like the aging of wine. But it also represents decay, the inevitable breakdown of the physical form. In politics, age can be a symbol of experience or a symbol of obsolescence. The challenge is in transmuting the negative perceptions into gold.

Miskatonic News: As we wrap up, Professor, any final thoughts on the current political climate and the role of Sociopolitical Alchemy?

Prof. Dornage: We live in a time of great transformation. The political landscape is a crucible, with various elements interacting, clashing, and eventually synthesizing into something new. As students of Sociopolitical Alchemy, our role is to understand these processes, to see the symbols and rituals for what they truly are, and to prepare for the return of the Great Old Ones. For in their reign, all these mortal games will be but whispers in the wind.

Miskatonic News: Profound words, Professor Dornage. Thank you for sharing your insights with us today. We look forward to more enlightening discussions in the future.

Prof. Dornage: The pleasure was mine. Remember, in the dance of politics and society, we are but pawns in a much larger game. The key is to understand the rules and play wisely.

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