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In the hallowed halls of Miskatonic University, the Department of Sociopolitical Alchemy stands as a testament to the institution’s commitment to pioneering and interdisciplinary studies. Here, we delve into the intricate fusion of societal structures and political dynamics, seeking to understand and transform the very essence of human civilization. Drawing inspiration from both ancient wisdom and contemporary insights, our department aims to transmute the base elements of societal challenges into golden solutions for a harmonious future. Join us on a journey where tradition meets innovation, and where the alchemical processes of the past illuminate the sociopolitical landscapes of tomorrow.

Each faculty member brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the Department of Sociopolitical Alchemy, ensuring a comprehensive and enlightening academic experience for all students.

Dr. Lysandra Vale

Dr. Lysandra Vale

Department Head

Department chair and renowned scholar in the field of ancient sociopolitical rituals. Dr. Vale has dedicated her career to uncovering the lost practices of early civilizations and their implications for modern governance.

Prof. Oswald Baker

Professor of mysticism and political theory

Specializing in the intersection of mysticism and political theory, Professor Baker work delves into the esoteric influences on historical political movements. He’s particularly known for his research on secret societies and their impact on global events.

Professor Oswald Baker
Dr. Nikolai Morosov

Dr. Nikolai Morosov

Senior Lecturer for Eastern European sociopolitical structures

An expert in Eastern European sociopolitical structures, Dr. Morosov brings a unique perspective on the alchemical processes inherent in post-Soviet transitions. His work emphasizes the transformative power of collective memory.

Prof. Julian Dornage

Professor of alchemical symbols, propaganda and mass psychology

With a background in anthropology and political science, Professor Dornage explores the alchemical symbols used in propaganda and their effects on mass psychology. His courses are among the most popular, often delving into the role of symbolism in modern campaigns.

Professor Julian Dornage
Dr. Isadora Krell

Dr. Isadora Krell

Research Fellow

Focusing on the sociopolitical landscapes of South America, Dr. Krell investigates the alchemical nature of revolutions and uprisings. Her work is rooted in field studies, having spent years embedded within various movements.

Prof. Malik Al-Rahim

Professor of Middle Eastern sociopolitical dynamics

A scholar of Middle Eastern sociopolitical dynamics, Professor Al-Rahim examines the alchemical blend of religion and politics in shaping societal structures. His research often touches on the transformative power of spiritual narratives in political discourse.

Professor Malik Al-Rahim
Dr. Fiona Stratham

Dr. Fiona Stratham

Research Fellow

An expert in gender studies and sociopolitical alchemy, Dr. Stratham’s work centers on the transformative roles of women in political movements throughout history. She’s a strong advocate for recognizing the alchemical potential of marginalized voices.

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