Beloved Miskatonic University Mascot “Betty” Safely Returns Home!

Arkham, Massachusetts – In a heartening turn of events, the beloved mascot of Miskatonic University’s Cryptozoological Laboratory, “Betty,” has been safely found and returned home. She now lives happily in her favorite drawer, right underneath the drawer with the jars containing human organs. The university extends its profound gratitude to the Arkham citizens for their unwavering support during the search and reunion.

Yesterday, Miskatonic University issued an urgent call for assistance after Betty mysteriously disappeared. The community rallied behind the plea, and with their collaborative efforts, Betty was located, and the university confirms that she is now safe and sound. As reported in our previous article, Betty’s playful and affectionate nature endears her to everyone she meets. However, the Cryptozoological Laboratory advised caution, as Betty’s venomous claws could be dangerous if she felt threatened.

The community’s response was swift and determined, leading to Betty’s timely retrieval. The university expresses its heartfelt appreciation to all who contributed to her safe return.

A Sole Fatality in the Search

Thankfully, there was only a sole fatality during the search for Betty. In an unfortunate incident, an Arkham resident encountered her unexpectedly, leading to a tragic outcome. Our hearts go out to the Blackmoor family for their loss, and the university extends its deepest sympathies during this difficult time.

In honor of the Blackmoor family and as a gesture of gratitude to the Arkham community’s support, the Cryptozoological Laboratory will host a private tour for the Blackmoor family through its facilities. This exclusive experience aims to provide comfort and extend appreciation for the community’s solidarity during the search for Betty.

The university also reaffirms its commitment to safety protocols and responsible care for all creatures within its research purview. The incident serves as a reminder of the unique responsibilities that come with studying enigmatic wildlife.

Miskatonic University remains grateful for the community’s support and understanding during this period. Betty’s safe return home is a testament to the strength of our united efforts, and we look forward to continuing our shared journey of discovery and wonder in the captivating world of cryptozoology.

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