Beloved Mascot “Betty” Vanishes from Cryptozoological Lab! Urgent Call for Help and Caution

Arkham, Massachusetts – An urgent call for help resounds from Miskatonic University’s Cryptozoological Laboratory as their cherished mascot, “Betty,” mysteriously disappears. Betty, a delightful, cat-like creature measuring approximately three feet in length and weighing 45 pounds, holds a special place in the hearts of the university’s faculty and students.

A Harmless Charmer with Unconventional Nesting Habits

Betty’s playful and friendly nature has endeared her to everyone she encounters. Seeking companionship and warmth, she creates a delightful atmosphere in the laboratory. Her endearing escapades include a curious talent for opening drawers, windows, and doors, adding to her charm. In her explorations at the lab, Betty has developed a knack for nesting in drawers, fashioning cozy spots to lay her precious eggs. This unique trait has brought joy to those who’ve witnessed her innocent nesting endeavors.

Handle with Caution

While Betty’s playful demeanor is her hallmark, the Cryptozoological Laboratory advises residents to approach her with caution. As she is capable of opening windows and doors, it’s essential to secure all entry points to homes, including chimneys, to prevent any unexpected encounters. Betty is drawn to human companionship. Should she find her way into the home of one of the local residents, she will likely look for a drawer to nest in. In that case, extreme caution is advised. Betty is easily startled, and her reflexive response may involve her venomous claws. The venom can lead to paralysis and subsequent death if one gets accidentally struck.

Community Assistance is Critical

The university community is deeply attached to Betty, and their earnest desire is to bring her back home safely. They appeal to the local residents for help in locating Betty and ensuring her well-being.

How You Can Help: If you spot Betty in your home or vicinity, please contact the Cryptozoological Lab immediately. Their team of experts stands ready to ensure Betty’s safe retrieval and preserve the joy she brings to the campus.

📞 Cryptozoological Lab: (978) 451-7756

📧 Email:

Together, let us ensure Betty’s safe homecoming, surrounded by the warmth and care she so dearly deserves.

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