Occult Literature Program

The Power of Words

The Occult Literature Program at Miskatonic University isn’t merely an exploration of texts; it’s a descent into the wellspring of hidden knowledge. This specialized field probes the shadowy convergence of literature, arcane history, and the mystical elements that lie shrouded in our world’s forgotten corners.

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum weaves an intricate web, intertwining texts ancient and modern, known and enigmatic. From cryptic verses penned in forgotten tongues to contemporary manuscripts that echo with echoes of elder truths, this program traverses the length and breadth of literary mysticism.

Gleaning the Forbidden

The Occult Literature program aims to unravel the cryptic allusions and symbolism within age-old texts, teasing out their cultural significance and their profound influence on history’s undercurrents. Our scholars brave the controversial, the enigmatic, and the taboo to shed light on the intricacies of the arcane.


Coursework in this program includes intriguing explorations like “Voices of the Void: An Examination of Occult Literature,” “Signs, Sigils, and Symbols: Decoding the Language of the Occult,” “Tombs of Tomes: The Impact of Ancient Scriptures on Modern Mysticism,” and “Ritual in Writing: The Influence of Esoteric Practices in Literature.”


Guided by scholars whose academic pursuits have led them into the labyrinth of the mystical, students in this program will navigate the obscured passageways of esoteric lore. Their extensive knowledge and deep understanding of the arcane guide our exploration of these literary enigmas.

Career Prospects

Graduates from this program unearth a multitude of intriguing career paths. These range from becoming a literary savant specializing in occult texts to assuming roles in the preservation and interpretation of arcane artifacts and manuscripts.

Embrace the Shadows

Embrace the enigmatic, probe the impenetrable shadows of knowledge, and traverse the winding corridors of the literary arcane. Enroll in the Occult Literature Program today and embark on an unparalleled intellectual odyssey into realms beyond the reach of common comprehension.

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