Arts & Humanities Programs

A Canvas of Ideas

At Miskatonic University, our Arts & Humanities programs foster a deep understanding of human expression, culture, and thought across time and geography. Our faculty, renowned in their respective fields, guide students through an exploration of the rich tapestry of the human experience.

In our Arts & Humanities programs, you will develop critical thinking, communication, and research skills, preparing you for a range of careers and postgraduate opportunities. At Miskatonic University, we celebrate the arts and humanities as essential components of a comprehensive education, shaping our students into well-rounded, informed, and empathetic citizens of the world.

Occult Literature

Our Occult Literature program explores the esoteric symbolism hidden in literary works throughout history, helping students to decipher the often overlooked mystical and spiritual traditions that have shaped societies.

Arcane History

Our Arcane History program delves into the enigmatic and often misunderstood spiritual practices, folklore, and magical beliefs that have fascinated mankind for centuries.

Philosophy of the Unknown

Our Philosophy program investigates metaphysical questions and ethical dilections that have puzzled humanity since the dawn of time, ranging from existentialism to the nature of reality and perception.

Cultural Astrology and Astrological Practices

Discover the historical and cultural significance of astrology and celestial bodies across different cultures and civilizations, and how these celestial bodies have guided societal belief systems and structures.

Ancient Languages and Scripts

Decipher the complexities of ancient and forgotten languages, from the Rosetta Stone’s hieroglyphs to the mystic runes of Norse sagas and the arcane scripts of ancient alchemical texts.

Ritualistic Art History

Explore the intersection of art and mysticism, tracing the portrayal of spiritual and mystical themes in art throughout history, and how these depictions have shaped our understanding of the divine and the metaphysical.

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