Ancient Languages and Scripts Program

Deciphering the Past

The Ancient Languages and Scripts Program at Miskatonic University is more than a linguistic study—it’s a key to unlock gates of time and knowledge. Here, we don’t merely learn languages; we explore the cryptic scripts that have guarded their secrets through the eons.

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum is an odyssey through linguistic time, covering an array of ancient languages and cryptic scripts. From the esoteric symbols of prehistoric civilizations to arcane languages resonating with elder truths, this program offers a unique linguistic and historical immersion.

Decoding the Arcane

The Ancient Languages and Scripts program aims to decipher the veiled messages and meanings etched into ancient texts, scrolls, and stelae. Our students grapple with complex codes and symbology to reveal insights into past cultures, their knowledge, and their understanding of the cosmos.


Our coursework includes unique explorations like “Hieroglyphs and Hyeratic: The Language of the Pharaohs,” “Voices of the Elders: Understanding Ancient Linguistic Patterns,” “From Runes to Ogham: The Scripts of Early Europe,” and “Cryptic Code: An Exploration of Cipher and Script.”


Our faculty consists of linguistic explorers, cryptographers, and archaeologists who have dedicated their lives to the study of ancient scripts and languages. They provide students with the necessary keys to unlock the secrets guarded by ancient scripts.

Career Prospects

Graduates from this program find a variety of unique career paths open to them. These include roles as historical linguists, translators of ancient texts, cryptographers, archaeologists, and even advisors in the preservation of linguistic heritage.

Step into the Linguistic Labyrinth

Enroll in the Ancient Languages and Scripts Program today. Venture into the linguistic labyrinths of the past and decipher the cryptic codes left by ancient civilizations. Unearth the silent narratives written in forgotten scripts, and let their untold stories resonate in the corridors of your mind.

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