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at the Department of Transmundane Art History

At the Department of Transmundane Art History, we invite you to journey beyond the conventional understanding of art history, into the realm of the otherworldly and the extraordinary. The department focuses on art forms that convey messages beyond the tangible reality, peering into the depth of spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric traditions as expressed through art. Our esteemed faculty, with their profound expertise and distinct perspectives, guide students through the pathways of arcane artistic practices and their historical contexts.

Join us at the Department of Transmundane Art History at Miskatonic University as we traverse the enigmatic paths of art history, illuminating the arcane and the metaphysical that have etched their marks on humanity’s artistic endeavors.

Prof. Edgar Blanchard

Department Head

Professor Blanchard, our Department Chair, is an authority on medieval religious and occult iconography. His investigations of the symbolism in such artforms reveal intriguing perspectives on the metaphysical beliefs and practices that influenced these works.

Dr. Amara Pritchard

Senior Lecturer for indigenous art traditions

Specializing in indigenous art traditions worldwide, Dr. Pritchard explores the spirit world’s artistic representation, highlighting how they reflect ancient rituals and spiritual practices often hidden from the mundane gaze.

Prof. Lucien Lafleur

Professor of hermetic and alchemical symbolism

Professor Lafleur offers deep insights into Renaissance art, particularly the infusion of hermetic and alchemical symbolism in well-known and obscure works alike. His research often opens new interpretations of art pieces, revealing layers of esoteric understanding.

Dr. Ophelia Chamberlain

Research Fellow

Dr. Chamberlain focuses on abstract art from the 20th century, decoding the complex esoteric philosophies and spiritual practices embedded in the works of artists who sought to express the inexpressible.

Dr. Helena Byrnes

Research Fellow

With her expertise in the art of the Far East, Dr. Byrnes delves into the depth of Taoist, Shinto, and Buddhist influences, unearthing the complex symbology and mystical elements concealed within these art forms.

Prof. Eli Redwood

Professor of ancient Egyptian art

Professor Redwood’s research interests lie in the realm of ancient Egyptian art. He probes the mystical and arcane messages encoded in the imagery of tombs and temples, offering unique insights into this civilization’s spiritual underpinnings.

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