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Nestled amidst the historic halls and cloisters of Miskatonic University, the Department of Geosciences stands as a beacon of inquiry and knowledge. Merging traditional geological study with the enigmatic facets of our world, our department delves deep into the Earth’s ancient secrets, venturing where few dare to tread.

Our esteemed faculty are not just scholars of the Earth, but also its mysteries. From the dark recesses of caverns untouched by time to the peaks of mountains whispering tales of aeons past, the Department of Geosciences seeks to uncover and understand the very fabric of the planet. And often, in the process, we uncover truths far beyond the scope of ordinary geology.

At Miskatonic’s Geosciences Department, we don’t just teach the history of the Earth – we invite students to become part of its enduring story. Join us, and embark on an academic journey that defies both time and reality. Explore with us. Learn with us. Discover the world beneath and beyond.

Prof. Victor Harrow

Department Head

As the esteemed head of the Department of Geosciences, Professor Victor Harrow is a globally recognized expert in the study of Abyssal Geo-dynamics. His research has led him to the darkest depths of the Earth’s crust and the hidden chasms of the world’s oceans.

Prof. Cedric Holloway

Professor of Deep Earth Mysteries

Prof. Cedric Holloway is a leading figure in the study of deep Earth mysteries, with a particular focus on the Precambrian eon. His research delves into the arcane resonances found within Earth’s oldest rock formations and their potential connections to early, esoteric life forms. Frequently, he examines how these ancient vibrations might have shaped the very foundation of our planet’s geological and metaphysical evolution.

Prof. Algernon Loomis

Professor of Eldritch Geochronology

As a luminary figure in the realm of Eldritch Geochronology, Professor Algernon Loomis is celebrated globally for his exploration into time’s deepest enigmas. His endeavors have led him to the world’s most concealed and age-old terrains, where he unravels, chronicles, and seeks to comprehend the arcane intersections of geological epochs and their inexplicable phenomena.

Dr. Beatrice Nyx

Research Fellow

A specialist in the geothermal anomalies and subterranean worlds, Dr. Beatrice Nyx delves into the fiery chasms and abyssal depths of our Earth. Her research navigates the melding of geology with esoteric forces, unveiling a complex matrix of ancient energies and secrets held by the very crust beneath our feet.

Prof. Avi Goldberg

Professor of deep-earth forces

A master in geomagnetism and the mysteries of deep-earth forces, Professor Avi Goldberg delves into the enigmatic energies that shape our planet. His studies often navigate the nebulous realm of lithic legends and geospatial anomalies, unveiling a profound narrative of the Earth’s arcane resonances.

Prof. Lucius Stone

Professor of arcane resonances

Professor Lucius Stone’s work delves deep into the enigmas of Earth’s geological formations. His explorations uncover the arcane resonances within stones and minerals, often hinting at the age-old rituals and cosmic forces that might have shaped these geological wonders.

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