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The Department of Classical Languages at Miskatonic University is a distinct sanctuary of scholars and academics who immer understand the depths of classical languages and their implications in deciphering the unsolved mysteries of ancient texts. Our academic mission transcends conventional education as we stretch beyond the traditional boundaries of classical languages like Latin, Greek, or Sanskrit, and venture into the realms of languages and scripts buried in the relics of civilizations long forgotten.

Our Department of Classical Languages isn’t just an academic facility; it’s a launchpad to a journey that transcs traditional boundaries and voyages into the realm of the arcane and the mysterious. Explore the unknown with us and learn how our ancestors expressed their deepest fears, beliefs, and hopes through language.

Prof. Robert Harris

Department Head

As a seasoned lingumaster and the Department Chair, Professor Harris’s expertise lies in ancient Greek. His deep dive into the often overlooked dialects of archaic Greece has unsealed gates to hitherto unknown cultural complexities, the echoes of which can be heard in cryptic inscriptions and texts that were hitherto indeciphered. His teaching style often transports his students into the heart of ancient Greece, shedding light on the arcane beliefs and rituals embedded in the language itself.

Dr. Eleanor Caldwell

Senior Lecturer for LAtin & Etruscan

Dr. Eleanor Caldwell, a scholar of Latin, extends her research into the crux of the Etruscan language, one of the most ancient and less-explored dialects of Italy. Her work often revolves around the intersection of language, religious rituals, and obscure practices in ancient societies, lending credence to the existence of unusual cultural practices in the ancient world.

Prof. Samuel Whittaker

Professor of enigmatic hieroglyphs

The enigmatic hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt have found a worthy decipherer in the form of Professor Whittaker. His career-long dedication to this pictorial writing system has unraveled surprising connections between ancient Egyptian beliefs and practices that can be considered borderline mystical. His teaching often involves a deep dive into these connections, casting a spell on the students, who in turn immerse themselves in the whirlpool of ancient Egyptian cultural phenomena.

Dr. Amy Sullivan

Research Fellow

Dr. Amy Sullivan specializes in Old Norse and Runes. Through her meticulous research into the Icelandic sagas and Eddic poetry, she ventures further than the usual tales of Vikings and gods. Instead, her focus is on texts describing rituals and practices that verge on the arcane, revealing an intriguing layer of the Norse society that most of history has overlooked.

Prof. Oscar Lancaster

Professor of Sanskrit

A Sanskrit scholar, Professor Oscar’s research led him to uncover potent rituals and forgotten lore hidden within Vedic texts. The interesting translations of these ancient scripts often leave scholars intrigued about the worldviews of our ancestors and their understanding of the universe.

Prof. Michael Faraday

Professor of Akkadian & Sumerian

Renowned as an Akkadian and Sumerian expert, Prof Farady’s work unveils ancient mysteries rooted in these ancient languages. His research involves delving into tablets and scripts that depict unexplained phenomena, strange rituals, and a civilizational outlook that defies mainstream historical perspectives.

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