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Venture into the unknown with Miskatonic University’s Department of Astrobiology, a cutting-edge interdisciplinary program that combines the study of astronomy, biology, and geology to explore the potential of life beyond our planet. Our department provides a unique perspective on astrobiology, going beyond the mundane to touch upon realms that stretch the boundaries of conventional understanding.

Join us at the Department of Astrobiology at Miskatonic University, as we uncover the hidden secrets of the universe and explore the fascinating realms of life beyond our planet.

Dr. Orion Caelus

Department Head

The Department Chair, Dr. Caelus, is a leading figure in the field of exobiology. With extensive research into the possibilities of microbial life on Mars and Europa, he continually pushes the boundaries of conventional astrobiology, teasing at the brink of the cosmic unknown.

Prof. Astrid Nova

Professor of astrochemistry

Specializing in astrochemistry, Professor Nova is dedicated to studying the complex chemical interactions that could potentially lead to life on other planets. Her work often bridges the gap between the physical and metaphysical, hinting at possibilities beyond our earthly understanding.

Dr. Ignatius Pular

Research Fellow

Dr. Pular’s work focuses on the study of extremophiles and their potential existence on celestial bodies with harsh environments. His explorations often delve into life’s resilience in the face of cosmic adversity, probing the furthest reaches of existence.

Dr. Lyra Vesper

Research Fellow

An expert in the field of astromicrobiology, Dr. Vesper investigates the possible survival and propagation of microscopic life in the vast vacuum of space. Her studies often traverse the boundary of the ordinary, probing mysteries wrapped in the cosmic enigma.

Prof. Amit Quaisar

Professor of planetary geology

Professor Quaisar specializes in planetary geology and the conditions required for sustaining extraterrestrial life. His research often challenges the conventions of our understanding, providing tantalizing glimpses into the potential complexities of alien ecosystems.

Dr. Andromeda Steirer

Senior Lecturer for cosmic evolution

Focusing on the field of cosmic evolution, Dr. Steirer investigates the possibility of life forms in various stages of cosmic development. Her work frequently touches upon the fringe of the known universe, treading the thin line between astrobiology and the arcane.

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