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Miskatonic University’s Department of Archaeology offers an enriching environment where leading faculty and curious students come together to unlock the secrets of humanity’s past. Our innovative and comprehensive program focuses not only on the recovery and analysis of material culture but also imparts knowledge about ancient civilizations, cultures, and archaeological theories.

We combine fieldwork, laboratory analyses, and theoretical studies to give our students a broad understanding of the archaeological process. Our graduates are equipped to contribute to ongoing archaeological research, enhance cultural resource management, or work in heritage-related sectors.

Prof. Abigail Bannister

Department Head

The current department head, Professor Bannister is an expert in Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations with a special focus on their burial rituals and afterlife beliefs. She brings back to life the ancient cultures through her immersive teaching methods. Her research often leads her into uncharted territories, deciphering arcane scripts and messages from civilizations thought to have vanished.

Prof. Duncan Carmichael

Professor of Mesoamerican civilizations

Professor Carmichael, a distinguished scholar in Mesoamerican civilizations, is renowned for his extensive fieldwork in Central America. He has contributed significantly to the understanding of the Mayan civilization’s architectural practices. Prof Carmichael’s work goes beyond the Mayan temples and into the underworld, looking at burial rituals, divine rulers, and underworld deities that often challenges our notion of reality.

Dr. Elizabeth Stonebridge

Research Fellow

A specialist in archaeobotany, Dr. Stonebridge focuses on the study of plant remains from archaeological sites, offering critical insights into prehistoric diet and agricultural practices. Her research has unearthed a vast knowledge of ancient cultures’ use of psychotropic plants for rituals and spiritual practices.

Prof. Neil Whittaker

Professor of maritime archaeology

An authority in maritime archaeology, Professor Whittaker’s research encompasses shipwrecks and submerged landscapes, providing a unique perspective on the relationship between ancient cultures and their maritime activities. Prof Whittock takes a deep dive into lost cities, submerged cultures, and marine mysteries. He has discovered ancient seafaring routes that challenge established historical narratives.

Dr. Martin Rogan

Senior Lecturer for paleoanthropology

Dr. Rogan is a leading researcher in the field of paleoanthropology, contributing to the critical understanding of human evolution and our ancestors’ ways of life. His work in Africa has unearthed key hominid fossil specimens. His research has unearthed evidence of ancient practices and rituals, some of which might challenge our conventional understanding of anthropology.

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