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The Department of Ancient History at Miskatonic University seeks to illuminate the past to understand the present and anticipate the future. Our department is engaged in the relentless pursuit of uncovering the arcane, forgotten past of mankind, focusing on epochs shrouded in mystery and epochs of profound transformation. By using a multi-disciplinary approach, we trace the elusive, intricate threads of human history, often veering into the realms of myth, legend, and the inexplicable.

The Department of Ancient History at Miskatonic University is a beacon of knowledge, attracting scholars and students who wish to delve deep into the roots of human civilization. Join us in our journey as we peel back the layers of time to reveal the intriguing and often arcane secrets of our shared past.

Dr. Anthony Blackwood

Department Head

As the Department Chair, Dr. Blackwood is a world-renowned historian specializing in the analysis of ancient rituals and ceremonies. His work has taken him to remote corners of the globe where he deciphers, records, and interprets mysterious practices and their place in human history.

Dr. Penelope Thorne

Senior Lecturer for cryptic symbolisms

Dr. Thorne is renowned for her work on Ancient Egypt, specializing in its esoteric practices and cryptic symbolisms. Her studies often reveal the deep connection between the spiritual and physical realms, uncovering the arcane rituals that were central to Egyptian society.

Prof. Isidore Rhodes

Professor of Mystic Classicism

Prof. Rhodes specializes in the Classical era, particularly Ancient Greece and Rome. His work often explores the mystic aspects of these civilizations, including their occult practices and the influence of these practices on their societal and political structures.

Dr. Haruki Nakamura

Professor of systems of rituals and beliefs

Dr. Nakamura’s expertise lies in ancient Persia, with a particular focus on Zoroastrianism and its complex system of rituals and beliefs. His research intertwines ancient texts with archaeological findings, painting a vivid picture of a civilization steeped in mysticism.

Prof. Dietrich Weiss

Professor of Celtic & GErmanic mystical practices

A specialist in ancient Celtic and Germanic cultures, Prof. Weiss explores the spiritual and mystical practices that permeated these societies. His research often ventures into the shadowy world of their myths and folklore, revealing a rich tapestry of ancient practices.

Dr. Helena Sterling

Adjunct Lecturer for the ancient Far East

Dr. Sterling’s work focuses on the civilizations of the ancient Far East. Her studies unravel the intricate philosophical and spiritual systems of ancient China and Japan, often hinting at the profound and complex rituals that shaped these cultures.

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