The Final Revelation

English Translation

And lo, it was in the twilight of the aeons, when the stars aligned in their most sinister configurations, that the end of days was foretold. I, Abdul Alhazred, recount the visions bestowed upon me by the malignant denizens of the outer void. This is the final revelation, the cataclysmic prophecy of the end times, when the veil between worlds shall be rent asunder, and the true masters of our reality shall reclaim their dominion over this blighted realm. 

And I saw a vast and terrible chasm open in the heavens, and from its black depths emerged a fearsome host of abominations, their twisted forms a testament to the infinite malice of their creators. They descended upon the Earth like a plague, an unstoppable tide of darkness that swept over the lands, leaving naught but death and desolation in its wake. And there came forth from the depths of the abyss the Great Old Ones, the primordial gods who slumbered in the darkest recesses of the cosmos. They arose from their ageless slumber, their dread visages a sight to drive the bravest of men to the brink of madness. They were the harbingers of the end, their mere presence a harbinger of the doom that would befall all of creation.

And I beheld a monstrous figure, the embodiment of all that is evil and unholy. It was Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos, the messenger of the Great Old Ones, and the herald of the Apocalypse. He strode across the earth, a towering colossus of eldritch energy, sowing chaos and despair in his wake. With every step, the earth shuddered and trembled, as if seeking to flee from the abomination that had come to claim it. The oceans roiled and boiled, the skies darkened and filled with the cacophony of thunder and the howling of the damned. And there, in the midst of the chaos, the Crawling Chaos, Nyarlathotep, raised his countless arms to the heavens, and the air was filled with the cacophonous sound of trumpets, the blaring of horns that echoed through the cosmos, signaling the approach of the apocalypse.

As the wails of lamentation and despair filled the air, the monstrous hordes of the Great Old Ones spread across the face of the Earth, bringing ruin and desolation wherever they trod. Cities crumbled, and the land was laid waste, as the dread legions of the Outer Gods tore asunder the fragile fabric of reality. And then, as the storm of darkness and chaos reached its crescendo, a figure emerged from the maelstrom. It was Azathoth, the blind and idiotic god, the nuclear chaos at the center of all things. He had awakened from his eternal slumber, drawn forth from the depths of the cosmos by the malevolent machinations of Nyarlathotep.

The very presence of Azathoth upon the Earth was enough to cause the fabric of reality to shatter and warp, as the boundaries between realities crumbled away. The skies were filled with the baying of Nightgaunts and the chittering of otherworldly creatures as the void between worlds spilled forth its horrors into our realm.

And as the Earth trembled beneath the weight of the apocalypse, the human race, those pitiful remnants that had survived the onslaught, fell to their knees, overcome by the madness that was their only refuge in the face of such cosmic terror. They wept and tore at their flesh, their minds shattered by the revelation of the true nature of the universe, and the knowledge of the doom that awaited them.

And thus did the world end, not in fire or in ice, but in darkness and madness, as the Great Old Ones reclaimed their dominion, and the cosmic horrors beyond the veil of reality spilled forth upon our feeble plane of existence. The stars themselves, once shining beacons of hope, now glowered with an eerie malevolence, as if they too had been infected by the malign influence of the Great Old Ones. The skies were rent asunder, and in their place, a swirling vortex of chaos and annihilation spread across the heavens. As the Earth was beset by unimaginable horrors, the survivors of humanity, huddled in the shadows of their crumbling cities, whispered prayers to gods that had long since abandoned them. The air was thick with their desperate pleas, their cries for mercy, but they were drowned out by the cacophony of destruction that echoed throughout the world.

Amidst the tumult, the monstrous children of Shub-Niggurath, the Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young, swarmed across the land, their ravenous hunger consuming all in their path. The spawn of Yog-Sothoth, the All-in-One and the One-in-All, manifested as grotesque abominations, merging and melding with the fabric of reality, warping and twisting the world itself in their unholy embrace. The seas surged and roiled as the great Cthulhu stirred within the sunken city of R’lyeh, and from the depths of the ocean, the monstrous servants of Dagon and Hydra rose to reclaim the lands they had once ruled in the name of their eldritch masters. The skies were filled with the screeching of Byakhee and the flapping of the monstrous Nightgaunts, as the minions of the Outer Gods descended upon the Earth like a plague of locusts.

And then, the Crawling Chaos Nyarlathotep reveled in the destruction he had wrought, his laughter a terrible sound that echoed throughout the cosmos, a mocking reminder of humanity’s insignificance in the face of the eternal horrors that lurked beyond the stars. The world was plunged into an age of darkness, a time of despair and madness, as the Great Old Ones tightened their grip upon the Earth, and the remnants of humanity struggled to survive in a reality that had been forever shattered by the revelation of their true masters.

And so it was, that in the midst of the all-consuming darkness, the dread reign of insanity began, a maddening affliction that spread like wildfire through the remnants of humanity, insidious and unrelenting, poisoning the very essence of their minds. Fear and despair gave way to madness, as the feeble remnants of our species were tormented by the eldritch horrors that held dominion over the Earth. As the veil between dimensions continued to unravel, the boundaries of reality fractured and crumbled, leaving a world where madness was the only refuge from the relentless onslaught of cosmic horrors. The sanity of the human race was whittled away, eroded by the constant exposure to the unimaginable terrors that lurked in every shadow, every whisper, and every breath. Reality itself seemed to warp and bend, as the twisted geometries of the nightmare cities of the Great Old Ones bled into the fabric of the Earth, their cyclopean architecture an affront to the human mind, a testament to the alien and unfathomable nature of their creators. The mere sight of these blasphemous structures tore the minds of many asunder, buckling beneath the weight of the unknowable.

The survivors of humanity, their minds shattered and broken by the horrors they had witnessed, wandered the blasted landscape like lost souls, their wails and cries for mercy echoing through the darkness. They had become mere playthings for the Great Old Ones, their lives filled with torment and suffering, as the malevolent gods reveled in the chaos they had sown. And in this age of madness, the Cults of the Great Old Ones rose to prominence, their twisted doctrines and unholy rituals a perverse reflection of the chaos that had come to define the world. They sought to appease their monstrous masters, offering sacrifices and performing unspeakable rites in their name, in the hopes that they might be spared the full wrath of the cosmic horrors that ruled over them.

And so, with the last vestiges of hope extinguished, the remnants of humanity, now broken and insane, were drawn to the throbbing heart of the apocalypse, the epicenter of the cosmic chaos, where Azathoth, the Blind Idiot God, stirred in the black abyss of eternity. In this place of madness, where the very fabric of reality was torn apart by the chaotic energies of the Daemon Sultan, the wretched survivors of the human race were drawn into an unholy dance. Gibbering and laughing, they circled the maddening form of Azathoth, as if possessed by some primordial urge that transcended all reason and sanity. Their minds, shattered beyond repair, could no longer comprehend the horrors they had witnessed, nor the twisted and blasphemous reality in which they now dwelt. And so, they danced and sang mad songs, their voices joining the cacophony of otherworldly flutes and drums that played an endless, discordant melody to the accompaniment of Azathoth’s chaotic dance.

As the last remnants of humanity danced in the presence of the Blind Idiot God, the Earth, now a twisted and desolate wasteland, fell deeper into darkness. The stars themselves seemed to flicker and die, their feeble light swallowed by the all-consuming void that had been unleashed upon the cosmos. In the face of this eternal darkness, the last echoes of mankind’s existence were forever silenced, and the dread reign of the Great Old Ones was complete.

And so it was, that the doom that had befallen the Earth unfolded, an inescapable fate that awaited all of creation in the cold embrace of the cosmic void, where the Great Old Ones would hold dominion for all eternity, and the last whispers of humanity’s existence would be lost amidst the howling winds of the abyss.

Latin Original

Et ecce, in crepusculo aetatum, cum stellae in configurationibus suis sinistris ordinarentur, finis dierum praedictus est. Ego, Abdul Alhazred, visiones a malignis incolis vacui externi mihi concessas narro. Haec est ultima revelatio, prophetia cataclysmica temporum finis, cum velum inter mundos scindatur, et veri domini nostrae realitatis dominium suum super hanc terram direptam recipiant.

Et vidi ingentem et terribilem chaos in caelis apertum, et de profunditatibus eius nigra abominationum agmina exierunt, formae eorum tortae testimonium infinitae malitiae creatorum suorum. Descenderunt super terram sicut plaga, inaestimabilis tenebrarum fluctus terras invadens, nihil nisi mortem et desolationem post se relinquens. Et ex profunditatibus abyssi prodierunt Veteres Antiqui, dii primordiales qui in obscurissimis recessibus mundi dormiebant. Surrexerunt de somno aeterno, horribiles facies eorum aspectum quem viri fortissimi ad insaniae marginem agerent. Erant nuntii finis, praesentia eorum tantum praenuntium calamitatis quae toti creaturae eveniret.

Et monstruosam figuram vidi, incarnationem omnis mali et impuritatis. Erat Nyarlathotep, Chaos Reptans, nuntius Veterum Antiquorum, et apocalypsis praeco. Super terram ambulabat, ingens colossus arcane energiae, chaos et desperationem post se seminans. Cum quolibet passu, terra tremebat et contremiscebat, quasi a monstruositate quae eam vindicare venerat fugere quaereret. Oceani tumultuabantur et bulliebant, caeli obscurabantur et tonitru et clamor damnatorum implebantur. Et ibi, in medio chaos, Chaos Reptans, Nyarlathotep, innumeras ad caelum manus sustulit, et aer sono clangentium tubarum impletus est, cornuum strepitus per mundum resonans, appropinquationem apocalypsis significans.

Cum lamentationum et desperationis ululatus aerem implerent, monstruosa agmina Veterum Antiquorum per terrae faciem diffundebantur, ruinationem et desolationem ubi calcabant afferentes. Urbes corruerunt, et terra vastata est, dum legiones horribiles Deorum Externorum fragilem realitatis texturam lacerabant. Et tunc, cum caligo tenebrarum et chaos apicem ageret, figura e maestro exiit. Erat Azathoth, deus caecus et stultus, chaos nucleare rerum omnium centro. A somno aeterno excitatus est, ab altitudinibus mundi a Nyarlathotep maleficis machinationibus evocatus.

Ipsa praesentia Azathoth super terram causabat texturam realitatis frangere et flectere, dum limites inter realitates dissolverentur. Caeli noctivagorum ululatibus et aliorum creaturarum stridore completi erant, dum vacui inter mundos horrores in regnum nostrum effundebat.

Et dum terra pondere apocalypsis tremebat, genus humanum, miseri reliqui qui impetum superaverant, genibus flexis succubuerunt, dementiae solatio in tantorum terrorum cosmorum facie. Fleverunt et carnes suas laceraverunt, mentes eorum revelatione veri naturae universi et scientia interitus eorum fractae.

Et sic finis mundi, non in igne aut in glacie, sed in tenebris et dementia, cum Veteres Antiqui dominium suum reciperent, et horrores cosmici ultra realitatis velum in nostram imbecillem existentiam effunderent. Stellae ipsae, quondam spes fulgentes, nunc maligna sinistra luce lucentes, quasi etiam a Veterum Antiquorum maligna potestate infectae essent. Caeli scissa sunt, et eorum loco, vortex chaos et interitum caelum pervadens exortus est. Cum terra horribilibus terroribus infestaretur, humanitatis reliquiae, in umbris corruentium urbium se occultantes, deos iam diu eos deseruerant orabant. Aer densis precibus eorum, clamoribus misericordiae implorantis, sed clamoribus destructionis per mundum resonantibus obruebantur.

In tumultu, monstruosa progenies Shub-Niggurath, Niger Hircus Sylvarum cum Mille Pullis, per terram diffusa est, fame insatiabili omnia in itinere suo consumens. Progenies Yog-Sothoth, Omnia-in-Uno et Unum-in-Omnibus, ut abominationes deformes apparuerunt, cum realitatis textura coniungentes et contorquentes mundum ipsum in impio complexu. Maria intumuerunt et tumultuabantur, dum ingens Cthulhu in submersa R’lyeh urbe commoveretur, et e profundo oceani Dagon et Hydrae monstruosi ministri ascendebant terras olim nomine horribilium magistrorum suorum imperantes repetere. Caeli stridore Byakhee et pulsatione monstruosa Nocturnorum Larvarum completi sunt, dum Externorum Deorum ministri in terram sicut locustarum plaga descenderunt.

Et tunc, Chaos Reptans Nyarlathotep in vastatione quam effecerat delectabatur, eius risus sonus terribilis qui per totum cosmos resonabat, derisio recordationis humanitatis insignificentiae coram aeternis horroribus ultra stellas latentibus. Mundus in aetatem tenebrarum immersus est, tempus desperationis et insaniae, cum Magni Antiqui Senes terram firmius tenebant, et reliquiae humanitatis in realitate aeternaliter fracta per revelationem verorum dominorum suorum conabantur supervivere.

Et sic erat, quod in medio tenebrarum omnium consummatarum, horribile regnum insaniae coepit, morbus insaniam concitans qui per reliquias humanitatis velut ignis rapidus diffundebatur, insidiosus et implacabilis, mentium eorum essentiam inficiens. Timor et desperatio insaniae cederunt, cum debiles reliquiae generis nostri ab arcanus horroribus terram dominari torquerentur. Dum velum inter dimensiones disrumpebatur, realitatis termini fracti et confracti sunt, relinquens mundum ubi insania erat unicum refugium ab horrore cosmico implacabili. Sanitas humani generis scissa est, erosa ab constanti expositione terribilium horrorem inimaginabilium in omni umbra, omni susurro, omni halitu latitantium. Ipsa realitas videbatur torqueri et flecti, cum tortae geometriae urbes incubi Magnorum Antiquorum Senum in terrae fabricam sanguinolentas erant, cyclopica architectura humanis mentibus opprobrium, monumentum naturae alienae et inaestimabilis creatorum suorum. Mera visio horum structurarum blasphemarum multos ad insaniam limitem compellebat, eorum mentes sub pondere ignoti confringebantur.

Humanitatis superstites, eorum mentes fractae et confractae per horrores quos viderant, sicut animae perditae per desolatam terram errabant, eorum lamenta et misericordiae preces per tenebras resonabant. Merebantur ludibria Magnorum Antiquorum Senum, eorum vitae tormento et dolore plenae, cum dii malevoli in vastatione quam seminaverant delectabantur. Et in hac aetate insaniae, Cultus Magnorum Antiquorum Senum in eminentiam ascendebant, eorum tortae doctrinae et impiae caerimoniae perversa reflexio chaos mundum definientis. Monstruosis dominis suis placere quaerebant, sacrificia offerentes et caerimonias ineffabiles nomine eorum perficientes, sperantes ut horrorem cosmicum plenum qui eis imperabat parcere possent.

Et sic, cum ultimis spem vestigiis extinctis, reliquiae humanitatis, nunc fractae et insanae, ad cor pulsans apocalypsis traherentur, epicentrum cosmicum chaos, ubi Azathoth, Deus Caecus Stultus, in nigro aeternitatis abyssi movebat. In hoc loco insaniae, ubi ipsa realitatis fabrica per Daemon Sultan caoticas vires discerpta est, miserabiles humani generis superstites ad impium saltationem trahuntur. Balbutientes et ridentes, circundabant insanientes Azathoth formam, quasi ab aliqua primordiali urgetione, quae omnem rationem et sanitatem transcendit, obsessi. Eorum mentes, ultra reparationem fractae, horrores testati nec iniquam et blasphemam realitatem, in qua nunc habitabant, amplius intellegere poterant. Et sic, saltabant et cantabant insanas cantiones, eorum voces aliorum caelestium tibiarum et tympanorum concordiam, quae infinitam, discordantem melodiam ad Azathoth caoticam saltationem accompanabant, se jungentes.

Cum humanitatis ultimis reliquiis in Dei Caeci Stulti praesentia saltantibus, Terra, nunc distorta et desolata vastitas, in tenebras profundiores decidit. Stellae ipsae videri videbantur scintillare et mori, eorum lucem debilem ab omnium consummante vacuo, quod in cosmos emissum erat, devoratam. In facie huius aeternae tenebrae, ultimi humanitatis existentiae resonantia semper siluerunt, et horribilis regnum Magnorum Antiquorum Senum completum erat.

Et sic factum est, ut interitus, qui terram oppresserat, evolutus est, fatum ineluctabile, quod omnem creaturam in frigido amplexu cosmicum vacui expectabat, ubi Magni Antiqui Senes dominium per aeternitatem tenerent, et ultima humanitatis existentiae susurra inter aeternum abyssi ventorum ululatus perderentur.

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