Ibt al-Jauzah

English Translation

In the throes of my fevered mind, a cacophony of whispers and echoes from the vast void beyond our realm called out to me, urging me to pen this most blasphemous chapter. Ibt al-Jauzah, or Bait al-Gauza as the uninitiated call it, that monstrous red star, pulsating with an insidious and eldritch energy, harbors secrets and horrors which mortal minds dare not comprehend. I have scoured the forgotten libraries and dust-ridden tombs of ancient civilizations, seeking the knowledge that lies buried beneath the surface. It is said that in the time before time, when the Great Old Ones slumbered in their crypts, Ibt al-Jauzah served as a portal, a gateway between the known and the unknown, between the worlds of matter and the realms of the ineffable. It is whispered that sorcerers and madmen, seeking power beyond comprehension, have gazed upon the celestial body with fevered eyes, attempting to unravel the cosmic riddles that surround it. And in their delusions, they claim to have heard the voices of the Elder Gods, chanting and beckoning from the abyss.

There exists a ritual, lost to the ages, a ceremony of unspeakable horror, through which the power of Ibt al-Jauzah might be invoked. To perform this ritual, one must stand beneath the sanguine light of the dying star on the darkest of nights, surrounded by the remnants of a thousand shattered dreams. There, in the midst of the shadows and the silence, one must recite the incantations of the ancients, call upon the names that must not be spoken, and open the gateway to the beyond. But beware, for those who venture into the abyss may find themselves lost in the darkness, consumed by the hungering void.

It is said that the very essence of Glyu-uho, as Ibt al-Jauzah was called aeons before our time, is intertwined with the fate of our universe, and that when it finally collapses, it shall mark the end of days. And in that cataclysmic moment, the barriers between the realms shall shatter, the Great Old Ones shall awaken from their slumber, and the cosmos shall be plunged into an eternity of darkness and despair.

Heed these words, for they have been scrawled in the blood of those who dared to gaze upon the face of the abyss. May the shadows of Ibt al-Jauzah forever haunt your dreams and serve as a reminder of the incomprehensible horrors that lurk beyond the boundaries of our feeble understanding.

Latin Original

In agitatione mentis meae febricitantis, susurrorum et echoerum ab immenso vacuo ultra regnum nostrum oriundorum confusio mihi clamavit, hanc impiissimam paginam scribere hortans. Ibt al-Jauzah, vel Bait al-Gauza ut indocti appellant, stella illa monstruosa rubra, energia insidiosa et arcana palpitante, arcana et horrores quibus mentes mortales non audent intellegere, continet. Bibliothecas oblitas et sepulcra pulvere tecta civilisationum antiquarum scrutatus sum, scientiam sub superficie sepultam quaerens. Dicitur quod tempore ante tempus, cum Veteres Maiorum dormiebant in cryptis suis, Ibt al-Jauzah portam, ianuam inter cognitum et incognitum, inter mundos materiae et regna ineffabilium, servivit. Susurratur quod magi et insani, ultra comprehensionem potentiam quaerentes, corpus caeleste oculis febricitantibus intuebantur, enigmata cosmica circumdans explicare temptantes. Et in deliriis suis, voces Deorum Maiorum audire se dixisse, ab abyssis clamantes et vocantes.

Ritus existit, aetatibus perditus, caerimonia horribilis innominabilis, qua potestas Ibt al-Jauzah invocari possit. Hunc ritum exsequi volens, sub luce sanguinea morientis stellae in tenebrosissima nocte stare debet, mille fractis somniis circumdatus. Ibi, in umbris et silentio, incantationes antiquorum recitare, nomina quae non sunt pronuntianda invocare et ianuam ultra aperire oportet. Sed cave, nam qui in abyssum ingrediuntur, se in tenebris perdere, ab hiatu esuriente consumi possunt invenire.

Dicitur quod essentia ipsa Glyu-uho, ut Ibt al-Jauzah saecula ante nostrum tempus appellabatur, cum fato universi nostri intexta sit, et cum tandem collapsa erit, finem dierum indicabit. Et in illo momento cataclysmatico, barietrae inter regna confringentur, Veteres Maiorum ex somno excitabuntur, et mundus in tenebris et desperatione aeternis mergitur.

His verbis animum attendite, nam in sanguine eorum qui in abyssum faciem intueri auderent conscripta sunt. Umbras Ibt al-Jauzah vestros somnios semper infestent et monitio sint horribilium rerum quae ultra fines nostri fragilis intellectus latent.

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