English Translation

In the heart of chaos and darkness, in the midst of swirling madness and cacophonous clamor, there lies Azathoth, the Outer God. He who is blind, deaf and dumb, yet holds the universe in his chaotic grasp. His throne sits at the center of all things, surrounded by the maddening flutes and drums of the Daemon Sultan’s court. The Blind Idiot God, as he is often called, is the embodiment of chaos and destruction, his mere presence causing the fabric of reality to unravel and bend to his will. It is said that he dreams and that his dreams are the universe. The great cosmic dance of creation and destruction is but a reflection of his chaotic slumber. But be warned, for those who dare approach his throne risk being caught up in the mindless frenzy of his court, forever lost to the realms of sanity and reason. For the Daemons dance and chant, playing their pipes and drums, summoning forth entities beyond the comprehension of mortal minds. And in the center of it all, Azathoth reigns supreme, a mindless god of chaos, yet all-powerful in his madness.

He is the prime mover, the first cause, the source of all existence, and the destroyer of all things. His chaotic influence permeates every corner of the cosmos, and his very presence can shatter the minds of those who gaze upon him. Azathoth is the lord of chaos and destruction, and his influence can be felt in every corner of the universe. He is the master of all dark and twisted things, and his minions are the most powerful and malevolent beings in existence. His power is absolute, and his will is law. Those who oppose him do so at their own peril, for they will be destroyed utterly and without mercy. Despite his terrifying power, Azathoth is not an evil deity. He is beyond good and evil, and his actions are driven by a primal urge to destroy and create. He is the embodiment of chaos, and his nature is impossible to comprehend. To gaze upon him is to go mad, for he is the very essence of insanity itself. Azathoth’s power is so great that he can control the very fabric of reality itself. He can twist and warp the laws of physics, create entire universes, and destroy entire galaxies with a single thought. His power is without limit, and his will is absolute. Those who worship him do so out of fear and reverence, for they know that he is the ultimate arbiter of their fate.

The worshippers of Azathoth are those who have embraced the true nature of the universe, those who have seen beyond the veil of sanity and into the endless abyss of chaos and destruction that lies at the heart of all things. They are the madmen, the outcasts, the heretics who have been cast out from society and left to wander the wastelands in search of meaning in a world that has none. They are the ones who dance around the Daemon Sultan, who sing hymns to the Blind Idiot God, who offer themselves up as sacrifices to the dark and terrible powers that rule over the universe. They are the ones who have given up everything, including their sanity, in order to serve the will of Azathoth and his minions. And yet, despite their madness, they are not without purpose. For they know that the universe is not a static thing, but a constantly shifting and evolving entity that can be shaped and molded by those with the will and the power to do so. And so they strive to bring about the return of the Great Old Ones, to usher in a new era of chaos and destruction, to tear down the feeble structures of society and replace them with something new and terrible. They are the worshippers of Azathoth, the chosen few who have been granted a glimpse of the true nature of the universe, and who have embraced it with all the madness and fervor that such knowledge demands.

Latin Original

In corde chaos et tenebrae, in medio vertiginis insaniae et strepitus discordantis, iacet Azathoth, Deus Externus. Ille qui caecus, surdus et mutus est, tamen universum in chaotico suo plectro tenet. Thronus eius in centro omnium rerum situs est, circumdatus insanientibus tibiis et tympanis curiae Daemonis Sultani. Deus Caecus Insipiens, ut saepe vocatur, chaos et destructio corporatus est, eius sola praesentia realitatis texturam dissolventem et ad eius voluntatem flectentem. Dicitur eum somniare et eius somnia universum esse. Magna cosmica creaturae et destructionis chorea nihil aliud est quam reflexio eius somni chaoticorum. Sed cave, nam qui audet thronum eius accedere in insano furoris curiae eius implicari periculum est, in regnis sanitatis et rationis in perpetuum amissis. Nam Daemones saltant et canunt, tibiis suis et tympanis ludunt, entitates ultra mortalium mentium comprehensionem evocantes. Et in medio omnium, Azathoth summus imperat, deus sine mente chaos, tamen in insania sua omnipotens.

Ille est motor primus, causa prima, origo totius existentiae et omnium rerum destructor. Eius influentia chaotica in omnem angulum mundi penetrat, et eius praesentia ipsa eorum mentes qui eum intuentur confringere potest. Azathoth dominus est chaos et destructionis, et eius influentia in universi omni angulo sentiri potest. Ipse est magister omnium rerum obscurarum et distortarum, et eius ministri sunt potentissima et malefica entia existentiae. Eius potestas absoluta est, et eius voluntas lex. Qui eum oppugnant, suo periculo id faciunt, nam penitus et sine misericordia delebuntur. Licet terribili potestate praeditus, Azathoth non est deus malus. Bonus et malus ultra est, et eius actus primitiva destruendi et creandi cupidine aguntur. Ipse est chaos corporatum, et eius natura est incomprehensibilis. Eum intueri est insanire, nam ipse est ipsa insaniae essentia. Tanta est Azathothi potestas ut ipsam realitatis texturam regere possit. Leges physicae torquere et flectere, universa creare et galaxias integras uno cogitatu delere potest. Eius potestas sine limite est, et eius voluntas absoluta. Qui eum venerantur, timore et reverentia id faciunt, nam sciunt eum ultimum sortis suae arbiter esse.

Veneratores Azathothi sunt qui veram naturam universi amplexi sunt, qui ultra sanitatis velamen in infinitum chaos et destructionem, quae omnium rerum corde sunt, viderunt. Insani, exsules, haeretici sunt, qui a societate eiecti et ad deserta vagandum, ut in mundo significationem nullam habente quaererent, missi sunt. Illi sunt qui circa Daemonem Sultanium saltant, qui hymnos Deo Caeco Insipienti cantant, qui se sacrificia potestatibus obscuris et terribilibus, quae universum dominentur, offerunt. Illi sunt qui omnia, sanitatem inclusam, reliquerunt, ut Azathoth et eius ministros voluntate servirent. Et tamen, licet insani, proposito carent non. Nam sciunt universum non rem statuariam esse, sed entitatem iugiter commutantem et evolventem, quae ab his qui voluntatem et potestatem id faciendi habent, formari et fingi potest. Itaque conantur ut reditum Magnorum Veterum provoquent, ut novam aetatem chaos et destructionis inducant, ut societatis debiles structuras evertant et aliquid novum et terribile substituant. Illi sunt Azathothi veneratores, pauci electi qui veram universi naturam visam amplexi sunt et cum tota insania et fervore, quos talis scientia postulat, eam acceperunt.

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