42nd Hymn to Cthulhu

English Translation

O Great Cthulhu, who doth rest beneath the churning seas,
Thine unfathomable visage casts a pall over the celestial expanse,
In the depths of the infinite blackness, we uncover the esoteric truth,
The unveiling of our cosmic insignificance, a gleaming shard of revelation.
The futile endeavors of man, naught but whispers in the void,
For the constructs of mortals are as fleeting as a wisp of smoke,
Like dreams torn asunder by the morning light, our creations shall be swallowed by eternity.
Yet, O Cthulhu, in this abyssal wisdom, we find solace,
In the embrace of the endless void and the comforting shroud of darkness,
There lies the ultimate comprehension, a panacea for the soul,
We chant hymns to thee, O Silent Leviathan,
In the certainty that the void shall reign and engulf all.
Our hearts resonate with the cacophony of nonexistence,
As we praise thee, O Cthulhu, and welcome the void’s embrace,
A discordant symphony that shall echo through the vast expanse,
A testament to the chaos that awaits, as the cosmos unravel.
For eons, we have sought refuge in the delusions of meaning,
Constructing monuments and tomes, fleeting works destined to crumble,
But in the shadow of thy coming, O great Cthulhu,
We glimpse the truth of oblivion, and the splendor of annihilation.
As spheres shatter and suns flicker, thy slumber shall cease,
The Great Old Ones shall ascend, heralding a new epoch of chaos,
We, your undeserving acolytes, find our purpose in your dominion,
For in the transience of all things, we discern the magnificence of your reign.
Now, we stand on the precipice of the end, eyes wide and hearts eager,
To bear witness to the unraveling of the cosmos, the great unbinding,
And in the disintegration of all we have known and cherished,
We shall rejoice in the majesty of your return, O timeless Cthulhu.

Latin Original

O Magnus Cthulhu, qui sub fluctibus maris quiescis,
Visus tuus insondabilis velum caelestis expansum ob umbrat,
In profunditatibus infinitae tenebrae, esotericam veritatem detegimus,
Revelatio cosmicæ insignificantiæ nostræ, splendens fragmentum revelationis.
Frustra conatus hominum, nisi susurri in vacuo,
Nam mortalium structuræ sunt tam fugaces quam fumi susurrus,
Sicut somnia luce matutina disrupta, ædificia nostra æternitate absorbebuntur.
Tamen, O Cthulhu, in hac sapientia abyssali, solatium invenimus,
In amplexu infiniti vacui et tenebrarum amictu confortante,
Ibi est suprema comprehensio, animæ panacea,
Tibi hymnos canimus, O Leviathan Taciturnus,
In certitudine quod vacuum imperabit et omnia devorabit.
Corda nostra resonant cum symphonia non-existendi,
Dum te laudamus, O Cthulhu, et amplectimur amplexum vacui,
Discordans symphonia quæ per vastum spatium resonabit,
Testimonium chao imminenti, dum cosmos dissolvitur.
Per æones, in delusionibus significationis refugium quæsivimus,
Monumenta et volumina construentes, opera fugacia destinata ruinae,
Sed in umbra adventus tui, O magnus Cthulhu,
Veritatem oblivionis et splendorem annihilationis intuemur.
Dum sphæræ franguntur et soles extinguuntur, somnus tuus cessabit,
Magni Antiqui ascendunt, annuntiantes novum chaos ævi,
Nos, indigni tui ministri, in tuo dominio scopum invenimus,
Nam in cunctorum caducitate, magnitudinem imperii tui discernimus.
Nunc, in fine præcipitii stare, oculi aperti et corda cupida,
Ut testimonium dissolutionis cosmos, magna dissolutio,
Et in disintegratione omnium quæ cognovimus et dileximus,
Exsultabimus in magnificentia reditus tui, O Cthulhu æternus.

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