Social Sciences Programs

The undergraduate Social Sciences programs at Miskatonic University encompass the study of the strange and unusual aspects of society and human behavior. We offer an eclectic range of programs, each delving into unorthodox perspectives of societal dynamics and human interaction.

Program Overview

Our Social Sciences programs provide students with a comprehensive understanding of social theory, policy, and research methodologies. Each program, distinct and intriguing, integrates contemporary theories with anomalous elements. Here is an outline of the unique programs we offer:

  1. Cultural Anthropology of the Unseen: Study cultures from an unexplored perspective, diving deep into the practices and beliefs linked to unseen forces and unexplained phenomena.
  2. Paranormal Psychology: Delve into the human mind’s interaction with the paranormal, exploring topics such as extrasensory perception and cognitive processes linked to supernatural encounters.
  3. Occult Economics: Explore the hidden influences that unseen factors can have on economic systems, trade, and wealth distribution.
  4. Mystical Political Science: Investigate the influence of the arcane on political systems and international relations, uncovering the cryptic forces that shape global dynamics.
  5. Sociology of the Supernatural: Understand societal responses and adaptations to supernatural phenomena, studying the impact and influence of the unknown on social structures.
Led by Passionate Scholars

Each program is led by a dedicated group of scholars who are passionate about unearthing the intricate connections between society and the unexplained. They guide students through an exploration of societal structures and human behavior from rarely considered viewpoints, encouraging independent thought and research.

Career Opportunities Unbounded by Conventional Fields

Graduates from our Social Sciences programs are equipped to enter a diverse range of career paths. From policy-making roles in governmental institutions to research roles in non-governmental organizations, the opportunities extend beyond conventional boundaries, fostering innovative societal contributions.

Unraveling the Unknown

Join us in the Social Sciences programs at Miskatonic University to embark on a remarkable academic journey. Through our interdisciplinary approach and commitment to investigating the unexplored, we inspire our students to question, discover, and contribute to our understanding of society’s mystical fabric.

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