Science & Technology Programs

In the undergraduate Science & Technology programs at Miskatonic University, we explore the delicate junction where traditional scientific theory merges with the unfamiliar. Our myriad of specialized programs fuel curious minds, promoting a bold exploration into the uncharted.

Program Overview

Our collection of Science & Technology programs equip students with a thorough understanding of a broad spectrum of scientific principles, harmonized with advanced technological expertise. Here’s a glimpse into the unique programs we offer:

  1. Quantum Anomalies and Interdimensional Physics: Examine the peculiar characteristics of quantum particles and unearth the secrets of extra-dimensional realities.
  2. Cryptozoology and Biodiversity: Investigate the existence of mythical and undiscovered creatures, while appreciating the abundant diversity of terrestrial and extraterrestrial life forms.
  3. Arcane Chemistry: Merge traditional chemical concepts with mystifying phenomena, investigating substances that defy conventional explanations.
  4. Occult Cybernetics: Investigate the integration of arcane and mechanical elements within biological constructs, touching on unexplored areas of transhumanism.
  5. Cryptobotany and Exoecology: Explore elusive plants and unearth the mysteries of unknown ecosystems, both on Earth and in the cosmic arena.
  6. Astrobiology and Exoplanetary Studies: Ponder the potential for life in the vast expanses of the cosmos, probing into the biology of extraterrestrial organisms.
  7. Parapsychology and Cognitive Sciences: Delve into the mysteries of the mind and the unexplained phenomena of consciousness, from telepathy to precognition.
  8. Esoteric Engineering: Probe into the creation of devices and technology based on arcane principles, combining classical engineering with the unfamiliar.
Guided by Renowned Experts

Each program is shepherded by a distinguished team of academics and visionary scientists, who infuse their expertise and pioneering research into the curriculum. They foster an atmosphere of inquisitiveness and discovery, guiding students on a path that questions and challenges the boundaries of known science.

Wide-ranging Career Opportunities

Our graduates are well-equipped to thrive in a myriad of fields, from trailblazing research and development roles, to policy-making positions in unexplored scientific territories. Opportunities span across academic institutions, leading corporations, governmental organizations, and beyond.

An Odyssey into the Unknown

Embrace an unconventional academic voyage with the Science & Technology programs at Miskatonic University. Embark on a journey of discovery into uncharted realms, where curiosity sparks innovation, and science gracefully waltzes with the extraordinary.

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