Business and Economics Programs

At Miskatonic University, our undergraduate Business and Economics programs challenge the conventional, merging traditional methodologies with the esoteric principles of economics and business. Here, we venture into the depths of arcane practices, seeking prosperity through unique pathways and encouraging students to question the ordinary.

Program Overview

Our Business and Economics programs provide a balanced and comprehensive study of a range of business and economic principles. While encouraging a firm grasp of conventional theory, our programs delve into the less-traveled pathways of mystical economies and interdimensional trade. Here’s a glimpse into the specialized programs we offer:

  1. Eldritch Entrepreneurship: Explore the principles of setting up and managing ventures that deal with the arcane, the cryptic, and the extra-dimensional.
  2. Occult Organizational Behaviour: Study the dynamics of organizations that operate in the shadows, exploring the human aspects of these unique businesses.
  3. Interdimensional Economics: Analyze economic theories and principles when applied to trade and commerce across dimensions and realms.
  4. Cryptocurrency and Magical Market: Understand the working of mystical cryptocurrencies and their impact on both terrestrial and non-terrestrial markets.
  5. Esoteric Business Law: Learn about the legal aspects of conducting arcane business, including laws governing transactions involving mystical artifacts.
  6. Paranormal Public Relations: Master the nuances of managing public relations and reputation for organizations involved in the exploration of the arcane.
  7. Mystical Management: Delve into the management strategies and leadership principles that are effective within the mystical industries.
A Faculty Beyond Ordinary

Our distinguished faculty is a blend of traditional academics and practitioners in arcane commerce. With their rich knowledge and diverse experience, they offer an insightful, practical perspective, allowing students to comprehend the enigmatic mechanisms of mystical economies.

Unraveling Boundless Opportunities

Graduates of our Business and Economics programs find themselves equipped to navigate both traditional markets and those that lurk beyond the veil of the ordinary. Our alumni work in a wide array of sectors, including arcane enterprises, governmental organizations, non-profits, and a variety of businesses that bridge the gap between the mundane and the mystical.

Venture into the Mysterious

Our Business and Economics programs at Miskatonic University provide a journey that interlaces the ordinary with the extraordinary. Venture into the mysterious and discover a world where economics and commerce transcend the barriers of reality, preparing you to prosper in an age of arcane economies. Embrace the challenge and take the plunge into the enigmatic world of mystical business and economics.

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