About Us

Miskatonic University – An institution unlike any other.

Located in the heart of the mystic city of Arkham, Miskatonic University is a beacon of academic excellence, leading in research and creative innovation. Since our establishment in 1769, Miskatonic University has maintained a rich heritage of developing leaders, encouraging intellectual curiosity, and upholding a mission of advancing knowledge and fostering transformational experiences to shape the world.

Miskatonic University
Our History

Founded in the mid-eighteenth century, Miskatonic University was established as a beacon of enlightenment during a period of global exploration and discovery. Named after the Miskatonic River which courses nearby, the University quickly gained prominence for its diverse curriculum and innovative approaches to education.

Our timeline is rich with groundbreaking moments. We were one of the first universities to establish a Department of Interdimensional Physics, reflecting our commitment to explore the boundaries of our reality.

Our Department of Occult Literature houses one of the world’s largest collections of arcane texts, offering our scholars insight into dimensions and entities beyond conventional understanding.

Our explorers and archaeologists have ventured to the ends of the Earth – from the peak of Mount Everest to the barren wastes of Antarctica. Our Pabodie expedition of 1930-31 brought back specimens of a previously unknown, ancient life-form from the Antarctic ice, broadening our understanding of life on Earth and challenging existing biological paradigms.

Miskatonic University Today

Today, Miskatonic University is a multidisciplinary institution, offering degrees in traditional fields as well as unique areas of study such as Astrobiology and Transmundane Art History. Our professors are some of the brightest minds in their respective fields, fostering an environment of innovation, excellence, and intellectual growth.

We are known for our dedication to knowledge that pushes boundaries. Our university’s libraries are the repository of rare volumes on esoteric subjects, the gathering place for bright minds and a launch pad for future scholars.

Join us and be part of a tradition that challenges the norm and nurtures pioneers, innovators, and leaders. Be part of an academic journey that will transform your life and impact the world.

Here’s to those who dream, discover, and dare to achieve. The future is what we make it – together. Let us shape it at Miskatonic University.

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